Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Despite that many Geniuses or maybe I should say  famous  THINKERS  are Autistic ; The world we are living in is obviously  not comprehending  this !!!!  The population obtains their knowledge about Autism from the media e.g from movies like  * Forest Gump* , * Rain Man* and a few other movies that have been recently produced  and shown on screen  throughout the years  and of course the population  believes EVERYTHING  they watch on TV  because what they see on Television is or supposed to portaite our nation . I am not quite sure *WHO"S  * idea it  was and is to present us a false idea  of Autism....NO! The correct description should be ONE - SIDED  picture of Autism  as they are only showing the negative part of it ( Surprise , Surprise !!!!) . I am not sure who"s idea that is  ( The media  maybe?) ; Anyway the population is only aware of the Autistics who are not able to converse and again ! These children and adults can not converse BECAUSE they do NOT have the EQUIPEMENT  e.g no I-Pads and no Lap tops !!!! All children when they go to school, Learn to use a computer and you can even purchase a toy Lap top at Toys R us so that children can learn with fun the alphabets  ( I think you even get it in prea -school) !!!! Just think of Carly Fleischman !!!! Nobody had a CLUE that she has thoughts untill she sat at a lap Top and started typing , It was like a MIRACLE !!!! Everybody was thinking that she was MENTALLY RETARDED just because she could not express herself VERBALLY and now FINALLY she can get the word out BECAUSE she can communicate with a LAP TOP  :)  !!!! The first step for the majority to understand and appreciate Autistic people is to open their minds to new ways of thinking  and that works through changing the media , Educating schools , colleges and work forces !!!! Thank You .... DUSYA ....

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