Sunday, June 5, 2011


For a couple of years I stopped going to church  because first of all , My grand parents went to church until they died and so I lost  my motivation  in going to church ,2nds because I have or had serious issues  with the bible ;specificley The Twelve Commendements !!!! One of the Commendements says " HONOR YOUR PARENTS " or "HONOR YOUR SPOUSE" ,But when I see how some parents abuse their children or spouses abuse their partner , I want to either vomit , Beat up these spouses or parents or burn the Bible ( I know, The last notion sounds HORRIFIC ) !!!! The reason I feel this way about the Bible is  e.g The Twelve Commendements  is that I frequently hear in movies and when I am within the public "That you should HONOR your parents " ; I feel like yelling at those who say it and yelling in their face " SHOULD CHILDREN HONOR their PARENTS even if they are being ABUSED by THEM :( ????!!!!" I realize that people do not want to think about it or maybe they did not realize that they should think about that , But I seriously feel like vomiting :(!!!! Now I am more OPEN to the bible because first of all ,For a reason that I can not explain; I am interested in the HISTORY of The Bible and 2nds, I am part of a group that studyies the Bible ( And it does not matter which religion you belong to even if you are an Atheist :))) and I enjoy it very much ; Thanks to my best friend who leads the Bible study , I am more content and understanding and I am learning the Bible from a new and possitive perspective , I am learning to understand what The Bible is REALLY saying and not these interpretations that people hear on TV or god knows where :) !!!!  To make my possition more understandable , When we read the Bible , We are looking deep into it and trying to understand the perspective of the people involved the stories that we read ( It is like we are learning to open our hearts to understand HOW these people got connected to GOD  >3  :) !!!! Now I decided to project my own feelings regarding this topic to Atheists e.g to understand WHY they became Atheists  ( For you do not become an Atheist just because someone told you to or because you were in the mood for it !!!!) All christians go to church on Sundays because Sunday is a HOLLY day!!!! Now in Church you mostly sit and listen to what the preacher is saying and sometimes you read the page in the Bible that the preacher is reffering to .... I do not have an EXACT statement for this , But I am pretty sure that only 50 % of the majority goes to Church because they are believers , The rest goes because it is part of being in the society  ( Good citizen etc....) Now if a young person decides to become an Atheist , Then it is because either these young people did not get there questions answered or because their parents forced them ( As to say mind washing them : IF YOU DO NOT GO TO CHURCH, THEN YOU WILL GO TO HELL or IF YOU GO TO CHURCH , THEN YOU ARE A GOOD PERSON or GOD WILL PUNISH YOU !!!!) Well...... WRONG !!!! God NEVER punishes ANYBODY , HE LOVES ALL OF US even if we do NOT go to church!!!!GOD LOVES US FROM THE FIRST MOMENT THAT WE ARE BORN !!!!  If you want to be a good person, All you have to do is be kind , Help people when they are in NEED , And give your support to those who do not have the strengt to help themselves and defend the defendless !!!! And the reason why Churches and Bibles are being burned is because SOMEBODY is MISINTERPRETING the words in the Bible !!!! Thanks to my friend who leads the Bible study , I realized that when I see a a mother / Father yelling at their child or a spouse abusing in some way the partner , I should not reflect that on the Bible , Because it is NOT the Bibles fault what these people are doing , These people are responsible for their own actions and they are DEFFINETLY NOT believers , For they apperantly chose hate as their religion  :(  !!!! Thank you for reading .... DUSYA ....

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