Monday, December 5, 2011

Autism Awareness

There is a difference between Autism AWARENESS and Autism UNDERSTANDING !!!!  Autism AWARENESS means being AWARE of Autism in terms of knowing  that Autism exists !.... Autism UNDERSTANDING means though to UNDERSTAND  the STRUCTURE of Autism and to UNDERSTAND the people who have it !!!! .... I realized recently that the MAJORITY of the population , Wether it is the U.S or anywhere else in the world talk a LOT about Autism AWARENESS and /or even celebrating Autism AWARENESS without even realizing that they are ACTUALLY talking about LEARNING to UNDERSTAND what Autism is ! ....  Let me present a few examples ; The U.S , The U.K, Canada and Australia have heard of Autism , Which means that they are AWARE of Autism ; What these countries are doing is " They are STUDYING " Autism e.g they are LEARNING what Autism is , How it works in the brain etc.... !!!!.... Ps: I think somebody should educate people to understand the difference between Autism AWARENESS and Autism UNDERSTANDING !!!! .... Thank you for reading .... DUSYA  LYUBOVSKAYA....

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