Tuesday, January 3, 2012

High Functioning And Low Functioning Autism / Aspergers

Some Autistics do NOT care if they are called High Functioning , Some WANT to be defined and some say bluntly " I am Autistic  and that is it "!  ....  In the Autism community  especially within Autistic adults or YOUNG adults , The deffinition High or Low Functioning is an INSULT ; Autistic p[eople just want to be defined as AUTISTIC  Do NOT say High or Low Functioning or More or Less Autistic  ; Just say "AUTISTIC" ! Autism is a WIDE spectrum and most Autistics are AWARE of this , But the issue here is that Neuro typicals ( NT"s ) or NORMAL  people prefer to use these labels ( High or Low Functioning or MORE or LESS Autistic ) because they need some kind of description for their autistic child or for ANY autistic person that they meet !!!!  As from THEIR point of view ( No offense to  NT"s)  If a child or a grown autistic person cannot speak , That means that the child or adult is  LOW  FUNCTIONING  and if a child or adult is ABLE to communicate , The the child or adult is High Functioning !!!! But what NT"s are NOT comprehending is that an autistic child or adult is maybe not able to communicate ; But this does NOT mean that xe cannot UNDERSTAND  xer surrounding !!!! Maybe this child or adult just needs a device ( I pod or computer ) to communicate ! Some children or adults on the spectrum who cannot talk  but have the ability to calculate ENORMOUS numbers in their head , Do algebra or Quantum physics  or can read fluently BUT CANNOT talk  or take an adult with Aspergers ! Graduated as the BEST in High school , went to College and earned a master"s BUT cannot tie his or her shoe laces or needs HALF an hour to get dressed or to groom herself  !!!! So this person is autistic , Is High Functioning enough to earn a master"s in let"s say Cosmology BUT is TOO  Low Functioning to get DRESSED or GROOM him or herself ????!!!!  Does THIS make sense ????!!!! NO !!!! And WHY does this not make sense ????  Because NT"s have a VERY TIGHT definition of what High Functioning or Low Functioning means to THEM !!!! The way NT"s think about these labels it sounds to autistics like they are saying : if you are Low Functioning then you are LESS worth than a High Functioning person and then Autistics get of course insulted  :( !!!! I am sorry to say this , but NT"s are making their life VERY easy by labeling Autistics without talking actually to an Autistic person or to their own autistic child to hear their opinion on this issue  !!!!  So PLEASE people , PLEASE be more OPEN MINDED and listen to each other instead of each going their own path ways  !!!! .... Thank you for reading .... DUSYA ....

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