Monday, March 12, 2012

Autism , Aging and Open minded ness

It is a fact that we ALL get old  and some of us will develope Alzheimers and some of us will keep a sharp mind even in our OLD ages ! I have to admit though ( And this is something that people should think about or at least consider!) that even adults who are in their 20"s and 30"s  have SOME sort of issue with memory problems like faceblindness ( Prosopognosia) , Name blindness  ( Not being able to recall names  !) and some people do not like to be touched ( Also occures by people with Alzheimers and or related disorders!) !  Although this is NOT uncommon , The majority needs to be REMINDED  of this ! By Autism it seems to be  VERY similiar and I am saying this because Autistic people ( Not all but some ) have the SAME issues with memory as NT"s better known as Neuro Typicle"s meaning NORMAL people ( Who do NOT stand out!)  ! Autistic people also have Prosopognosia  or name blindness or something else that relates to memmory issues ; But what stands out for  ME is that Autistics have these problems but they NEVER complain about , NO! They actually LIVE it with HUMOR , But NOT the NORMAL people ; Normal people seem to PANIC about this !!!! But WHY am I actually talking about this ???? Autistics have these PROBLEMS and live with it and laugh about it but the so called NORMAL people get AGGRIVAITED about it !!!! OK, Autistics DO get SOMETIMES aggrevaited but only by stress and frustraition , Otherwise Autistics are ACTUALLY HAPPY :) !!!! Normal people think ; This is NOT normal and I need a psychiatrists ; Autistics think; OK, I have face blindness or nameblindness but OK, I have a VERY good photo graphicle memmory and I am also good at dancing , Explaining difficult math concepts or I have a good picture for details or I can explain easely how rain is produced and want to study geo chemistry :) !!!! To make it simple ; We are ALL alike and have our CHALLENGES if Autistic or not althoug NON Autistics seem to view their challenges negativly while Autistics see it as a chance to grow with their STRENGTHS !!!! .... Thank you for reading .... DUSYA ....

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