Sunday, May 20, 2012

Egyptian History

I was a month ago at The Mfa ( Museum Of Fine arts in BOSTON, MA and while I was there , We had a tour around the collections of Ancient Egypt ! .... The leader of the tour explained to my group that the Egyptians were far TALLER than they are today like 10 feet or so !!!! That made me think ; Woooow , OMG !!!! So the royalties and the working people were all of course the same hight so they were or must have been as tall as the fiction character in the story book Gullivers Adventures !!!! It is not necessary but that could ALSO mean that human beings AROUND the world were THAT tall !!!! So if these egyptians were THAT tall then it was DEFFINETLY not so hard to carry all those bricks that were needed to build these pyramids !!!! Now after realizing this ; I am wondering WHY on EARTH is EVERYBODY meaning historians STILL wondering HOW the egyptians managed to build the pyramids ????!!!! Now since about 200 years or so we are or MOST of us are  between 5- 6 feet and some inches tall while people were GIGANTIC about 1000 years ago !!!! After realizing this , I came to the conclusion ; NO WONDER the egyptians were able to build the pyramids ( Of course it was still  excausting to carry bricks around ) But they were TALL ENOUGH and the TALLER you are , The STRONGER you are !!!!.... Thank you for reading .... DUSYA ....

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