Tuesday, July 3, 2012


It is the year of 2012 and Bullying is the NEW topic of the century ! Bullying is UNFORTUNATELY part of everyday life  , In school , Universities AND The workplace ! In general MOST people are being bullied , But it is people with disabilities who have SEVER difficulties speaking up !!!! But the reason WHY I amtalking about bullieng IS ; We should SERIOUSLY look at WHO is BULLYING !!!! I am aware of the fact that EVEN bullying victims become bullyies BUT this issue with bullying or mmaybe I should say HOW it started actually starts with the government meanin g their regulations and rules on how to RAISE children !!!! Bullying has NEVER been something unusual BUT; IT was NEVER so BAD like today !!!!  My question ; Is NOBODY wondering SINCE WHEN it became such a SEVERE issue ???? If you have not thought about it , Then you should start thinking about it NOW!   We have ALWAYS had BULLIES , BUT!!!! 10 -40 years ago discipline was the way parents were raising their children  meaning if a child was MISBEHAVING , A guardian would explain to the child WHY it was WRONG what the child did if neccesary the would be spocken to a couple of times and if that did not work, Then the was spacked or the behind or put against the wall so that the child or teenager would understand  and with THIS scenario we had LESS bullies !!!! BUT because somebody from the government dcided to be more LIBERAL ( I assume?!)  it is now NO LONGER alowed to spank your child  and that has the effect that kids get away with BULLYING  just because somebody had the STUPID notion that it is mentally harming the child !!!! My grand oncles have been spanked A LOT when they were kids and they grew up to RESPECTFULL and WELL RESPECTED ADULTS :)!!!! They ADORED their father and teachers :) !!!!  I guess because there a lot of parents who ABUSE their children PYSICALLY , That is probably also a reason for this rule about HOW to raise children  , But it is still RIDICIOULUS !!!! .... Thank you  for reading .... DUSYA ....

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