Sunday, April 7, 2013

The difference between EMPATHY And MINDFULNESS

Autistic people are being said NOT to have EMPATHY .

Well ,  I will say Autistic people HAVE EMPATHY  but do not SHOW it the way MOST people would !

I will stop talking now about what I think and I will not advertise my opinions here either .

I will ONLY talk about my observations .

My observation is that we are PROBABLY confusing EMPATHY with MINDFULNESS meaning when we talk about empathy or complain that SOME people do not HAVE EMPATHY , I am starting to wonder if instead of saying these people have NO EMPATHY ; What some people actually mean is : These people are NOT MINDFUL !

I was present when two women were having a conversation and of them was complaining that The general population sais that Autistics do not have empathy and when she was pointing something out that some people did not comprehend  rhetorically she said then : And they say WE do not have empathy :( !

Some Autistic people  because of their brain difference are NOT able to be in a room where there is TOO MUCH noise / TV is EXTREEMLY loud , People talking loud because of all the noise around them etc....

Such an environment could be called " AUTISTIC  UNFRIENDLY "  If a person without a neurological difference were to be in such a room , xe would consider that whoever is responsible for the loud TV and all the people talking loud BECAUSE of the loud TV is NOT being MINDFUL !

I am going to go now MORE into details about mindfulness .

Being mindful JUST means common courtesy of your surrounding .

You go on a bus in the city and you will DEFINITELY discover that the buses are AUTISTIC UNFRIENDLY because people on the bus are talking loud to each other or into their phone or listening to loud music .

It is actually considered commonsense / courtesy not to do any of the above AND it is considered being MINDFUL of your surrounding .

So an Autistic individual will say that the bus is autistic unfriendly  and that the people on the bus have NO EMPATHY ! A person who was just raised to be considerate will say that the people on the bus are NOT MINDFUL !

So Autistic people because of their neurology CANNOT be in a loud room or be in the middle of a group that is having an INTENSE argument ! Can you blame Autistic people for not tolerating a HUGE amount of noise ?!  I do not think so :\ !

Most Autistic Adults do not tolerate people talking about Autism Speaks in a positive way because Autistic Adults do NOT believe that Autism Speaks is supportive and so Autistic adults just ask not to talk about Autism speaks , But most people who are NOT familiar with Autism will just look blunt at someone who sais : Please do not talk about Autism Speaks , I do not like them and I do not agree with them and I do not trust them !  So any individual who considers him or herself a considerate person could just say : OH ! I am sorry ! Do you mind if I ask WHY you are bothered by Autism Speaks ?  ( That is by the way called MINDFULNESS ! )  but NO ! They rather just look at you confused and walk away like nothing happened .

You see , Autistic people are mindful , Honest and considerate people who have empathy but show it by just standing there with a sad face or or offering you a hug or patting your arm or hand .

I have the feeling that most people have forgotten what MINDFULNESS is or consideration , But fortunately Autistic people have NOT forgotten and NEVER will .

Thank you for reading


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