Wednesday, May 1, 2013


With this new blog post , I am reaching out to DESPERATE parents and to Human services !

Concentration camps were created in the mid 30"s of The 20th century in Europe by Adolf Hitler

to get ride of / Kill Jews , Disabled , People who did NOT agree with the Government , People who did not fit with the IDEAL WORLD of Adolf Hitler , But generally JEWS !

You would think that the world has learned from this TRAGEDY and naturally we think or assume that we will NEVER have  this again and or that we are CIVIL  enough to PREVENT something like this EVER happening again !

UNFORTUNATELY that is NOT the case !

NOW , Believe it or not ; We have a MODERN version of the concentration camp in The U.S !

We do NOT have CONCENTRATION CAMPS ( PHYSICALLY speaking ) , But it is happening in the HOMES of DESPERATE parents of Autistic / Disabled children !

Parents who are apparently NOT getting ANY SUPPORT from Human Services / Social Services !

And in case there is any misunderstanding , I am NOT talking about ALL parents who have Autistic /Disabled children ; I am talking about DESPERATE parents , Parents SOOOO  DESPERATE  that they find it NECESSARY to ENCOURAGE their child to DRINK AMONIA , DISH LIQUID or other substances or even LOCK their child in the BASEMENT in a CAGE COMPLETELY NEGLECTED and ABANDONED ( EVEN WORSE than a pet )  !

I have NOT enough words to express how OUTRAGED I am !

I am OUTRAGED that a HUMAN BEING can be TREATED like this !

YES ! You read CORRECTLY !  Autistic / Disabled children are HUMAN BEINGS !

Being Autistic / Disabled does NOT mean you are not human , It just means  that you see look at the world DIFFERENTLY , Have MORE insight to issues than other"s have and that you need maybe assistants with getting dressed or driving a car , But that is about it .

I am OUTRAGED about these parents , BUT ! I find it EVEN MORE OUTRAGEOUS  that WHY this is happening ! Meaning it is NOT completely the fault of the parents or NOT ONLY the PARENTS who MUST be PERSECUTED  ! We ALSO have to PERSECUTE SOCIAL /HUMAN SERVICES , BECAUSE it is THEIR FAULT that this is HAPPENING !

Human Services is NOT supporting families with Autistic / Disabled children !

THEIR idea of support is EITHER taking AWAY the child/ children and putting them into a MENTAL INSTITUTION or offering programs that are supposed to CURE the child !

And when parents are looking for ACTUALL HELP , The Social Services say that there are NOT ENOUGH FUNDS available ( Yeah , RIGHT) and these DESPEREAT parents start NEGLECTING or KILLING their CHILDREN  , The POLICE  gets involved , Then Social Services  and THEN  the parents get FORGIVEN BECAUSE they are DESPERATE  and cannot get the HELP they NEED and CASE IS CLOSED :( !

The WORST problem is that these CHILDREN are NOT able to SPEAK UP for THEMSELVES / Get their VOICE heard BECAUSE their mouth is BEING SHUT  by SOCIETY  that sais :
PERSONS with AUTISM have AUTISM and are NOT capable of FUNCTIONING in our society ! .

Although we DO HAVE Autistic Self Advocacy , But UNFORTUNATELY we have a LONG way to GO tell Autistics will get heard ( KEEP ON FIGHTING , KEEP ON GETTING THE WORD OUT !)  .

Thank You for reading


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