Monday, November 4, 2013

Bigotry And Ignorance

I am fed up !

Every time an individual in a hospital or jail or elsewhere kills him/ herself , The Management or other authorities say that they are sorry and that there was no indication that the said individual was struggling and so nobody could predict or immagine that "This" would happen .

Wrong !

If a person kills xerself then that means that there were plenty of indications !

The person before killing oneself was screaming for help , Was asking and or requesting for any help that exists , But the person was not Listened too !

The person was simply Ignored and or simply told to be patient and that Everything will go Well or that it is " Just your immagination " !

I am telling you right now !

If a person feels scared , Threatened or both then you Must take it seriously !

I do not care even if that person takes medication !

And if you think that the person is someone who does take medication , Then educate yourself about the individual ASAP !

Talk to the individual about his or her fears and ask if he or she takes meds and ask the nurse or anybody who works close with the person if the person takes meds !

But talk the person ASAP and Never say ; We will take of everything , Now you just destract yourself with something that you enjoy and everything will be fine "

Never Ever say that , Because that is a sign that you are Not taking the concerns or fears of the person seriously !

Any outhority that treats the person the way I described is Guilty of the suicide of the person !

I do not care if you are just "Doing your job" or if you say that you have a load of casework , You are Still guilty !

I am obviously very angry while I write this , But I am writing this because I know this happens a lot due to " Beurocracy ) and I am writing also about what I have experienced or seen .

And in case I did not make my self clear enough , This concerns all dead individuals including people with a variety of disabilities including Autistics !

Thank you for reading


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