Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Difference between The American With Disability Act , The Rehabilitation Law and the Olmstead law

I am studying right now the American With Disability Act for a course that I am taking and I was listening yesterday to a presentation / Intro about the said law .

Today while I was doing my homework I decided to look at the projects that some of my other classmates are working on like the Civil rights law , The Rehabilitation Law and the Olmstead law .

Now I did the said homework , But I am confused !

I am confused about why the Rehabilitation , The Olmstead and the ADA law are  different laws and why they are not being combined ? !

The ADA law is there to protect people with disabilities , The Rehabilitation law is to help and support disabled individuals or people with disabilities ( No offense to anyone) who are able to work and or want to work .

The Olmstead law is to help people with mental disabilities or Physical disabilities to who are in institutions or were in institutions to provide them with the support they need to be productive and happy members of the society by helping them get housing .

There is also appearantly a law or something equivalent for the elderly population 65+ .

Although in Washington D.C they seem to have these laws handled and implemented or to use better wording , They appearantly have been successful with these laws , But I do not actually see this same sucess here in Massachusetts !

In Massachusetts , or at least in the the greater Boston area , These laws have not been successfully used for the most citizens of Boston .

I am actually talking here about what I am observing and experiencing because I live in Boston .

Senior Citizens are in nursing homes and equivalent environments and indeed I see that they are being helped so that they can stay in their apartments and get help by visiting nurses , But again there is a funding issue !

Regarding Mentally ill people or let me say people who are not able to function completely in society live in shelters and I mean Homeless Shelters ( I am not making this up ) and the list for section 8 is extremely long because people who go to shelters are people who have history of drug abuse , Alcohol abuse , or domestic violence , Mental issue as I mentioned above and there are other people who just simply lost their apartment for reasons that are beyond their control .

They do have supportive housing , But these supportive housing have social workers who had minimum training in terms of that they did not study the law or psychology or at least get the said training and so it is hard to really provide the needed support for the said individuals .

I think I got off topic !

My point is why cannot the ADA , The Olmstead law and the Rehabilitation law be combined so that the state Massachusetts has more money to finance housing and education for social workers ?

Because it is all separated , I have the impression that a lot of issues are being missed while there are supposed to be overseen and chaos is happening !

There are so many departments for each issue that concerns Massachusetts that it is ending in a chaos that nobody can control or has at least minimum control over !

Too many people responsible and nobody is getting anything done because either they assume that the other person will take care of everything or they think that the problem is not a big deal and do not think into the future and then when they have a mess , They will not admit that they failed or did not know what to do and then everybody forgets about it !

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