Thursday, April 3, 2014

Autism Awareness Day vs. Autism Acceptance And Understanding Day

It is Autism Awareness Day / Month and I do realize that my title sounds strange because it seems to be the same , But I realized yesterday more than ever that is actually not the same !

I was yesterday at a meeting in Sommerville City Hall because a new friend / Associate of mines is working on a house that is supposed to be a residents for Autistic adults and other adults with developmental disabilities and the people of Sommerville , MA are strongly opposed to this idea / Project .

I will not present any names involved , But I want to say that I admire this friend for her persistence and determination to fight for the right thing !

I was listening to the council who was advocating for the people of Sommerville , MA and I was disgusted and insulted to say the least about the so called concerns of these people !

These people were or are concerned about the residents of this potential house having visitors and seriously also wanted to know what the residents would be doing during the day and what time these residents would be waking up and other absurdities .

They are seriously concerned that these autistic adults would have parents and or friends visiting them !

OK , First of all these are Autistic " Adults " and as we all know adults do not really appreciate their parents visiting them !

Having said that , I am a 32 year old adult and I see my mother only 2 times a week or less , I have a life !

Also what these autistic adults " Do during the day ?"

Ok , Seriously , What do these people think adults " Do " during the day ? !

I mean , Maybe I am missing the point here , But seriously !

Listening to all these and other so called concerns , I had to start wondering if these people actually know the difference between Autistic adults and crocodiles ? !

I mean , Autistic adults are human beings like everyone else !

They have legs , Arms , feet and hands and are made out of flesh !

They are not bed bugs or whatever else these people have in mind !

You know , Listening to all these so called concerns made me realize that we are definitely far beyond Awareness for Autism !

These people heard of autism in the most creepiest versions ( For a lack of better wording ) and would probably drop dead from shock if someone told them that their next door neighbors could be Autistic ( I am half kidding , Half serious ) !

So Autism Understanding and Acceptance is definitely more valid than just Awareness !

Thank you for reading !

Dusya .

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