Friday, May 9, 2014

Non Autistic parents of Autistic children VS Autistuc parents of Autistic children

OK , Before I start I want make clear that I realize that for some people the title may sound strange because a lot of people cannot imagine that Autistic adults can also be parents . But I can assure these people that it is indeed possible as Albert Einstein was autistic and had 2 children ( I think) and there are plenty of other autistics out there who have children and people perceive them as simply being eccentric .

So now let me go to the actual topic .

Although there are many non autistic parents who welcome feedback from adult autistics to better understand their kid or children , There also plenty of non autistic parents who do not want to reach out to autistic adults or are afraid or feel uncomfortable ( At least this is what I am perceiving ) .

A young woman who represents the Autistic - Self - Advocacy of New England went to an event yesterday on The Boston Common that is called The ARC .

This woman met with an old friend who has a son who has Aspergers and they actually had a nice chat .

Later on this woman spoke to a man who has Aspergers and he was let me say it was obvious that he is on the Spectrum because he had a couple of traits of Aspergers and I do not really want to go into detail about this .

But anyway , This woman was talking to him and then met his mother and his sibling and the partner of the sibling . But to get the point out it was strange when this woman said that she represents ASAN ( Which is described above) .

I was strange because this woman did not any obvious traits that would instantly point to The Autism Spectrum !

And I probably should be asking actuall parents about this , But I am not sure yet how to articulate my question .

I just want to say I had suddenly the notion that maybe parents who do not reach out to Autistic adults that it is because when they see an adult who obviously functions better than their adult son / Daughter that they feel emotionally overwhelmed .

It is maybe like a slap in the face for them and especially a mother looks at a seemingly functional adult and asks herself " If that person is autistic , How come my child is not like that ? ! " and because it does not make sense the said parent will then not accept that the said adult is autistic and think that it is not true and be in denial ( For a lack of wording) .

The concept that each Autistic is different and an individual and every autistic person has a bit of another brain is just not easy to comprehend !

Many people have the notion of Autistics that they do constantly something innapropiate like make noises that are unnecessary and or just do things that are not considered " Normal" But people do not grasp that each autistic is different and that an autistic individual can maybe make strange noises during their child hood or teenage years , But when they grow older they stop or do something different and they do not understand that this is something that is called stimming .

I know for instance an autistic adult who rocks back and fort and people may find it strange , But it is simply a way of stimming meaning calming yourself down when you feel stressed .

I wish some parents would be willing to get more education regarding Autism and not just sit with what they learned out of school books .

I have to say that I am still processing this !

Thank you for reading


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