Monday, June 30, 2014

The Health Care system and the difference between Senior Citizens And Autistic individuals

I realize that anybody reading the title will be either wondering or find it offensive that I am making a comparison between senior citizens and Autistic individuals .

Well there is a lot of stigma and false ideas / Notions about Autism anyway but that would be then a bit of another discussion topic ( In my opinion ) .

Anyway , Before you start screaming me at me for being ignorant , Ableist or whatever else please just read and digest !

So believe it or not but there are similarities between Autistics and senior citizens !

Senior Citizens are very sensitive people due to their mentality ( Not all , But many) .

Senior Citizens are very sensitive meaning you should be patient with them , Be a good listener , Understanding and let them go at their pace .

They can have issues with their fine or general motor. Skills , Get quickly exhausted , Not be able to process information fast enough , Not be able to get dressed on their own or cannot drive , Be sensitive to touch and be panicky if you speak loud or yell at them . At the same time there are senior citizens who have a sharp mind , But have difficulties articulating themselves the way the society expects them to .

I think I could go on with the list , But I rather not .

I just want to point out that some Autistic individuals have similar issues .

I realized also just recently that there are hospitals that actually treat patients with respect , You just have to search for the said hospital .

Autism advocates are advocating for Autistic individuals to be treated with respect and dignity in the medical setting , But that seems to be a real issue although it should not meaning it should be obvious that patients are being treated with respect and dignity !

And I am sad to inform you that my experience is that Senior Citizens are also not being treated with respect and dignity and I am not sure what the right expression would be to describe what I think about that !

Disasterous or outrageous ? !

Senior Citizens are being as neglecting treated as Autistics and I have to say ; How can you expect to advocate for Autistics if some hospitals do not even care much about Senior Citizens ? !

I do not have anything else to say more at this point .

Thank you for reading .

Dusya .

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