Sunday, July 27, 2014

Not Dead Yet

Hello Everyone ,

I know that the title sounds strange , But actually this is the name of a Non-Profit organization that is presided by disabled people who advocate for disabled people and terminaly ill people as well ( If I am mistaken by any of what I wrote then please feel free to correct me !) .

Terminally ill means people who are diagnosed with a disease that there is no cure for and will eventually die .

Many doctors right after pronouncing the deadly diagnosis offer suggestions to end of life care without even letting the patient grasp the information and decide what the said patient wants !

The organization Not dead yet is advocating for people rights to decide what the patient wants considering what the doctors said .

Unfortunately many doctors do not seem to grasp that they should focus on what the patient wants !

If a patients wants to be treated like he or she will live forever then that wish must be respected !

But unfortunately the doctors are more inclined to offer pitty and I personally find this disgusting !

Quality of life is about asking what the patient wants and how to accommodate the needs of the patient and not about what the doctors " Think" the patient needs ! .

The healthcare system is also supposed to be involved in this process meaning SUPPORT the needs of the patient and if the doctors do not agree then there must be made a compromise on behalf of the patient ! .

Thank you for reading .

Dusya .

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Health Care System

I am not sure about the rest of The U.S , But the healthcare system has obviously gone into chaos in the past 10-20 years !

The EMT was responsible for bringing a patient into the hospital and if needed performing CPR or resuscitation .

Now I hear that the EMT is not allowed to do CPR on a patient !

I am shocked and outraged !

What is the EMT good for if they do not save lives anymore ? !

That was their primary job !

It is outrageous to what the healthcare system has developed to or decreased to ( Which is a better wording and expression ) .

Thank you for reading .

Dusya .

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Being Autistic means sensing the world differently than the mains stream poppulation .

There are a lot of Disability / Advocacy organizations that advocate with and on behalf of disabled people .

One of the poppulation I want to talk about though is Autistic people ( People with Autism) .

Because Autistic people sense the world differently than the mainstream poppulation , Many or some Autistic people will probably struggle with hospitals and the policy of most hospitals because many hospitals are not able to accommodate the specific needs of someone who is Autistic due to their hospital policies !

If an Autistic person was to struggle with comfort issues in a hospital bed for instance , The staff would be ignoring or saying " To get over it " because they cannot accommodate certain needs like a flat bed or sensory friendly pillows .

The hospital beds and equipment are made for all patients without exceptions .

If an Autistic person was not able to do ADL skills due to sensory issues , Again the hospital cannot accommodate the needs because these " Needs " are unique .

We really need to approach the Administration and see how we can negotiate a positive hospital stay for someone who is either on the spectrum or has characteristics of an Autistic person .

Although again , The Administration will find an excuse like " No funding to train Medical Staff" .

Lord , Please help this world !

Thank you for reading .

Dusya .

Monday, July 14, 2014

Healthcare For Everyone

I realize that the title sounds strange , Because healthcare is for everyone anyway and that is also what I learned during my medical classes , But I noticed something interesting !

When you have a patient in the hospital , I should say a new patient and this patient is un identified because there is no State I.D or anything else that could indicate the identity of the new patient then the medical staff gives the patient a current name till the actual identity is being investigated .

Sounds reasonable , BUT ! What you are not being thought is that when a person has no proper identification then there are limitations with the healthcare insurance and then the new patient has LIMITED healthcare !

And when a patient has LIMITED healthcare then the services being provided are only for emergency medicine .

Emergency medicine also maybe sounds reasonable , But you really should ask what exactly is limited healthcare because you will seriously be shocked to hear about HOW LIMITED healthcare then is ( I am not joking nor am I being sarcastic ! ) !.

Imagine you had a bump on your head and you do not remember anything about yourself and you are either found and brought to the ER or you manage to get to the nearest ER on your own if you are strong or lucky enough .
Now imagine that you are at the ER and you are being asked for an identification or I.D and you look at anything on your clothes that remotely looks like pockets , But you cannot find anything !

And the nurse or whoever looks at you funny and asks you again for your information and again you just look back and you will be maybe perceived as being a smart ass , But you are not . You just have no idea who you are !

The nurse then and the rest of the healthcare team will start examining you and they will call the security or the security will callthe police to get someone involved to find who the heack you are .

The police comes and starts asking you questions , But you are not able to answer.

Then after the examination they bring you to a room and maybe they will take your finger prints to see if you are maybe a criminal .

Then the police comes maybe 2 days later and you are appearantly not a criminal !

Then again , Who are you ? !

You still have no memory of you are and what happened .

After a week , Nothing is really done and nobody really knows who you are even using pictures of you posting on Facebook and other media sources , But still not much luck !

Since you have no proper identity , You are given a current name , But because you have no proper identification you have now limited health insurance and in this case Masshealth supposedly gives you universal healthcare or however they call it , You still only get limited medical help because you are not properly identified meaning if you need medical help then you need to have a proper identity even with Masshealth .

I just wanted to put this out there .

Thank you for reading .

Dusya .

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Doctor's 50 years ago and nowadays in 2014

This new post blog is maybe a continuation of the blog post I recently posted about the health care system .

I am not sure how many people remember the TV show " Medicine Woman" , But that show pretty much describes what a doctor should and must be like !

I have seen plenty of shows where doctors had dignity , Respect and patient and were effective communicators with their patient . Medicine Woman , The Bill Cosby Show , M.A S.C.H , Emergency room and I could really go on and on , But I will not because my pint is simply that these doctors would do what they can to save a patient's life and help a patient and if there was an issue with communication ( For whatever reason) then the doctors worked on fixing the issue by reaching out to family members and other .But the said doctors would never say " I am just doing my job" .

Even if you tell me that I should ignore all the shows I have just mentioned because those are " Just shows and have nothing to do reality " , Well , I have news for you ; I have expanded experience in the medical field from June , 18, 1999 - 2014 and I can tell you that when I was a child , Doctors were courteous and when I grew up and eventually started myself a career in the medical field , The doctors were courteous too !

So excuse my language in advance , But the B.S with the doctors must have started somewhere in 2000 or 2009 .

When I was a child , You got asked why you wanted to be a doctor and some children would say because they wanted to help people . I remember also that other children wanted to become doctor's but then changed their decision and wanted to become a lawyer because they they could afford a nice sports car ( But oh well Lol ) .

Nowadays I rarely see or meet doctors who really want to help .
It is more about having a nice paycheck !

OK , Seriously ! You want to have a nice paycheck ? OK , Nothing wrong with that . Just change your career path !

Study to become a lawyer or accountant / Work at a bank or engineer ! Those jobs offer great paychecks !

Or go to the military and see how you do !

But if you are a doctor and keep saying " I am just doing my job" then you have to leave that job because you are subconsciously murdering your patients !

I know that doctors do not mean to step on my or anyone else's feet , But you are doing it and you have to look maybe even for a job that is not people oriented .

And if the administration at the hospitals seriously support doctors or even patient advocates want to defend doctors then we need to URGENTLY change the health care system at large !

The hospitals obviously have the same policy like fast food restaurants meaning " Get urgent care done and see ya" .

No wonder people nowadays are sicker then they were 30 years ago !

30 years ago , You were sick and you stayed in the hospital till everyone who was part of the care team agreed that you were ready to be discharged and you also agreed , But nowadays the doctors decide if you are ready and you just follow what they say .

This is horrific !

I have this time even a witness when the doctor said " I am just doing my job" and I am glad that the witness was present and was horrified by that particular statement as well !

I am glad that I had a witness because I felt validated and assured that my concerns were taken seriously !

You are supposed to practice effective communication in the medical field ( That is what you get told every single day when you study medicine ) and I was trained in different medical fields and so was my witness and we both were shocked !

As I said earlier , This policy that hospitals have nowadays is not working !

It is actually killing patients and I am not exaggerating !

Thank you for reading

Dusya .

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Emotional Autistic person vs . Emotional Non - Autistic person

This past month has been extremely overwhelming for me that sometimes I felt like screaming !

I rather not go into detail about what happened , But it was a lot and I am still processing .

Yesterday I was volunteering with the Red Cross and we were representing the veterans who have returned back to the U.S .

And I was listening to a conversation between my boss and another staff member after we were done with our project and the said staff member said that xe was impressed that our project went better than xe had expected !

The staff person was actually relieved and confessed xe was afraid that something could go wrong and my boss said and I quote " We all go through that " My boss also said that there is always a concern " What if ? !" But if you only focus on the " What if" then you will never try and never get anything done ( Which is true as a matter of fact ! ) .

But my point is that my boss and the rest of the group is non Autistic ( Nobody on the Spectrum) and they were openly discussing that they were afraid / Worried .

I realize that you will think now " OK , So what is so significant about the fact that the group was worried ? Everyone gets worried .

And that is exactly what I want to point out ! That EVERYBODY worries about something !

Non - Autistic people worry about things on a daily basis !

It is part of life !

But the issue is that although Autistic people worry , Many people on the spectrum are afraid of worrying !

I am not saying that all Autistic people are afraid of worrying , But many are and also afraid of being emotional because many Autistics sense emotions more intense than non - Autistics.

Many Autistic individuals learned throughout their child hood and adolescent years that if something is different about them then it is because " You are on the spectrum " . So some Autistic learned that having emotions is something related to their spectrum , But nobody really explained that it is not the emotion that is unique it is more about HOW you perceive the emotion !

I have the impression that non - Autistic people perceive their emotions on a scale of 1-5 ( Maybe ) , But for an Autistic it can be 5-10 ! No matter what the feeling is .

And the emotion gets so intense that you just stand there or stare at nothing but everything and you are being perceived than as an " Autistic who has no emotions whatsoever " .

So if somebody who is trustworthy could explain that it is OK to feel the way you do and show compassion if the emotion is too intense then the Autistic individual would not be scared of having emotions. And at the same time could learn coping techniques .

I assure you that this would also help Autistics deal with meltdowns / Nervous breakdowns !

Thank you for reading .

Dusya .