Saturday, July 19, 2014

Being Autistic means sensing the world differently than the mains stream poppulation .

There are a lot of Disability / Advocacy organizations that advocate with and on behalf of disabled people .

One of the poppulation I want to talk about though is Autistic people ( People with Autism) .

Because Autistic people sense the world differently than the mainstream poppulation , Many or some Autistic people will probably struggle with hospitals and the policy of most hospitals because many hospitals are not able to accommodate the specific needs of someone who is Autistic due to their hospital policies !

If an Autistic person was to struggle with comfort issues in a hospital bed for instance , The staff would be ignoring or saying " To get over it " because they cannot accommodate certain needs like a flat bed or sensory friendly pillows .

The hospital beds and equipment are made for all patients without exceptions .

If an Autistic person was not able to do ADL skills due to sensory issues , Again the hospital cannot accommodate the needs because these " Needs " are unique .

We really need to approach the Administration and see how we can negotiate a positive hospital stay for someone who is either on the spectrum or has characteristics of an Autistic person .

Although again , The Administration will find an excuse like " No funding to train Medical Staff" .

Lord , Please help this world !

Thank you for reading .

Dusya .

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