Sunday, July 6, 2014

Doctor's 50 years ago and nowadays in 2014

This new post blog is maybe a continuation of the blog post I recently posted about the health care system .

I am not sure how many people remember the TV show " Medicine Woman" , But that show pretty much describes what a doctor should and must be like !

I have seen plenty of shows where doctors had dignity , Respect and patient and were effective communicators with their patient . Medicine Woman , The Bill Cosby Show , M.A S.C.H , Emergency room and I could really go on and on , But I will not because my pint is simply that these doctors would do what they can to save a patient's life and help a patient and if there was an issue with communication ( For whatever reason) then the doctors worked on fixing the issue by reaching out to family members and other .But the said doctors would never say " I am just doing my job" .

Even if you tell me that I should ignore all the shows I have just mentioned because those are " Just shows and have nothing to do reality " , Well , I have news for you ; I have expanded experience in the medical field from June , 18, 1999 - 2014 and I can tell you that when I was a child , Doctors were courteous and when I grew up and eventually started myself a career in the medical field , The doctors were courteous too !

So excuse my language in advance , But the B.S with the doctors must have started somewhere in 2000 or 2009 .

When I was a child , You got asked why you wanted to be a doctor and some children would say because they wanted to help people . I remember also that other children wanted to become doctor's but then changed their decision and wanted to become a lawyer because they they could afford a nice sports car ( But oh well Lol ) .

Nowadays I rarely see or meet doctors who really want to help .
It is more about having a nice paycheck !

OK , Seriously ! You want to have a nice paycheck ? OK , Nothing wrong with that . Just change your career path !

Study to become a lawyer or accountant / Work at a bank or engineer ! Those jobs offer great paychecks !

Or go to the military and see how you do !

But if you are a doctor and keep saying " I am just doing my job" then you have to leave that job because you are subconsciously murdering your patients !

I know that doctors do not mean to step on my or anyone else's feet , But you are doing it and you have to look maybe even for a job that is not people oriented .

And if the administration at the hospitals seriously support doctors or even patient advocates want to defend doctors then we need to URGENTLY change the health care system at large !

The hospitals obviously have the same policy like fast food restaurants meaning " Get urgent care done and see ya" .

No wonder people nowadays are sicker then they were 30 years ago !

30 years ago , You were sick and you stayed in the hospital till everyone who was part of the care team agreed that you were ready to be discharged and you also agreed , But nowadays the doctors decide if you are ready and you just follow what they say .

This is horrific !

I have this time even a witness when the doctor said " I am just doing my job" and I am glad that the witness was present and was horrified by that particular statement as well !

I am glad that I had a witness because I felt validated and assured that my concerns were taken seriously !

You are supposed to practice effective communication in the medical field ( That is what you get told every single day when you study medicine ) and I was trained in different medical fields and so was my witness and we both were shocked !

As I said earlier , This policy that hospitals have nowadays is not working !

It is actually killing patients and I am not exaggerating !

Thank you for reading

Dusya .

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