Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Emotional Autistic person vs . Emotional Non - Autistic person

This past month has been extremely overwhelming for me that sometimes I felt like screaming !

I rather not go into detail about what happened , But it was a lot and I am still processing .

Yesterday I was volunteering with the Red Cross and we were representing the veterans who have returned back to the U.S .

And I was listening to a conversation between my boss and another staff member after we were done with our project and the said staff member said that xe was impressed that our project went better than xe had expected !

The staff person was actually relieved and confessed xe was afraid that something could go wrong and my boss said and I quote " We all go through that " My boss also said that there is always a concern " What if ? !" But if you only focus on the " What if" then you will never try and never get anything done ( Which is true as a matter of fact ! ) .

But my point is that my boss and the rest of the group is non Autistic ( Nobody on the Spectrum) and they were openly discussing that they were afraid / Worried .

I realize that you will think now " OK , So what is so significant about the fact that the group was worried ? Everyone gets worried .

And that is exactly what I want to point out ! That EVERYBODY worries about something !

Non - Autistic people worry about things on a daily basis !

It is part of life !

But the issue is that although Autistic people worry , Many people on the spectrum are afraid of worrying !

I am not saying that all Autistic people are afraid of worrying , But many are and also afraid of being emotional because many Autistics sense emotions more intense than non - Autistics.

Many Autistic individuals learned throughout their child hood and adolescent years that if something is different about them then it is because " You are on the spectrum " . So some Autistic learned that having emotions is something related to their spectrum , But nobody really explained that it is not the emotion that is unique it is more about HOW you perceive the emotion !

I have the impression that non - Autistic people perceive their emotions on a scale of 1-5 ( Maybe ) , But for an Autistic it can be 5-10 ! No matter what the feeling is .

And the emotion gets so intense that you just stand there or stare at nothing but everything and you are being perceived than as an " Autistic who has no emotions whatsoever " .

So if somebody who is trustworthy could explain that it is OK to feel the way you do and show compassion if the emotion is too intense then the Autistic individual would not be scared of having emotions. And at the same time could learn coping techniques .

I assure you that this would also help Autistics deal with meltdowns / Nervous breakdowns !

Thank you for reading .

Dusya .

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