Monday, July 14, 2014

Healthcare For Everyone

I realize that the title sounds strange , Because healthcare is for everyone anyway and that is also what I learned during my medical classes , But I noticed something interesting !

When you have a patient in the hospital , I should say a new patient and this patient is un identified because there is no State I.D or anything else that could indicate the identity of the new patient then the medical staff gives the patient a current name till the actual identity is being investigated .

Sounds reasonable , BUT ! What you are not being thought is that when a person has no proper identification then there are limitations with the healthcare insurance and then the new patient has LIMITED healthcare !

And when a patient has LIMITED healthcare then the services being provided are only for emergency medicine .

Emergency medicine also maybe sounds reasonable , But you really should ask what exactly is limited healthcare because you will seriously be shocked to hear about HOW LIMITED healthcare then is ( I am not joking nor am I being sarcastic ! ) !.

Imagine you had a bump on your head and you do not remember anything about yourself and you are either found and brought to the ER or you manage to get to the nearest ER on your own if you are strong or lucky enough .
Now imagine that you are at the ER and you are being asked for an identification or I.D and you look at anything on your clothes that remotely looks like pockets , But you cannot find anything !

And the nurse or whoever looks at you funny and asks you again for your information and again you just look back and you will be maybe perceived as being a smart ass , But you are not . You just have no idea who you are !

The nurse then and the rest of the healthcare team will start examining you and they will call the security or the security will callthe police to get someone involved to find who the heack you are .

The police comes and starts asking you questions , But you are not able to answer.

Then after the examination they bring you to a room and maybe they will take your finger prints to see if you are maybe a criminal .

Then the police comes maybe 2 days later and you are appearantly not a criminal !

Then again , Who are you ? !

You still have no memory of you are and what happened .

After a week , Nothing is really done and nobody really knows who you are even using pictures of you posting on Facebook and other media sources , But still not much luck !

Since you have no proper identity , You are given a current name , But because you have no proper identification you have now limited health insurance and in this case Masshealth supposedly gives you universal healthcare or however they call it , You still only get limited medical help because you are not properly identified meaning if you need medical help then you need to have a proper identity even with Masshealth .

I just wanted to put this out there .

Thank you for reading .

Dusya .

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