Sunday, July 27, 2014

Not Dead Yet

Hello Everyone ,

I know that the title sounds strange , But actually this is the name of a Non-Profit organization that is presided by disabled people who advocate for disabled people and terminaly ill people as well ( If I am mistaken by any of what I wrote then please feel free to correct me !) .

Terminally ill means people who are diagnosed with a disease that there is no cure for and will eventually die .

Many doctors right after pronouncing the deadly diagnosis offer suggestions to end of life care without even letting the patient grasp the information and decide what the said patient wants !

The organization Not dead yet is advocating for people rights to decide what the patient wants considering what the doctors said .

Unfortunately many doctors do not seem to grasp that they should focus on what the patient wants !

If a patients wants to be treated like he or she will live forever then that wish must be respected !

But unfortunately the doctors are more inclined to offer pitty and I personally find this disgusting !

Quality of life is about asking what the patient wants and how to accommodate the needs of the patient and not about what the doctors " Think" the patient needs ! .

The healthcare system is also supposed to be involved in this process meaning SUPPORT the needs of the patient and if the doctors do not agree then there must be made a compromise on behalf of the patient ! .

Thank you for reading .

Dusya .

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  1. Right on! I agree with great enthusiasm. Human dignity and worth are the most important issues in medicine. To me choices should be honored, respected. Pity removes empowerment.