Sunday, August 10, 2014

Equality , Equality And Fairness

It will not surprise me if people reading this title will get confused because obviously Equality and Fairness seem to be the same and there is no 2 definitions of equality .

But that is exactly the reason WHY I wrote Equality twice because people or at least those who work for Housing Authorities and other public departments and employment agencies or Human Resources people think or are convinced that they are treating people equally .

But that is wrong !

Equality means or is supposed to mean the work place for instance , That people who are either Senior Citizens or people with disabilities should have the same opportunity as people who are either able bodied or are simply able to do the tasks that they are required to do .

So for instance , If you have a job as receptionist then you are expected to sit a table and type on a computer and answer phone calls . So that is a job that definitely anyone can do in sitting, Correct ?

Well , What if there was a person in a wheel chair who could do this task ?

It sounds reasonable , But unfortunately the employer will disagree and give a reason as to inadequate space .

I find this reason ridiculous though because it does not really matter if the person can his or her legs or not . All the person needs to do anyway is sit at the desk !

Or another example , There is strange advertisement that shows a few children . 3 of the children are watching a baseball game over the fence , But there is a fourth child that cannot watch the game because the child is too small to look over .

So someone comes up with the idea to let the kid stand on 2 sets of boxes to watch the game . Sounds great , Right ?

But I have to tell you somebody would disagree and say that this kid is receiving extra privileges and that is not considered equal !

OK , Common sense people !

This kid is not having EXTRA privileges ! This kid is not paying $ 1000. 000 to watch a game and is receiving some special treatment ! This kid simply is using 2 set of boxes to watch a game over the fence !

I do not have enough hands to count how many kids do that !

What I am trying to say here is that people are misinterpreting the term EQUALITY !

Equality is about giving everyone in the group the same opportunity or chance and if somebody in the group is receiving help then it is about accommodating the individual due to a disability that should maybe not be disclosed !

It is not about extras or privileges !

Or why should a student who does extraordinary well not be given the chance to take advanced classes or even jump a class ? !

But apparently some schools or at least the school principles have issues with that because then the student is not treated equally like all the other students and the other parents will protest because their children are being treated unfair !

OK , Once again ! A child who does very well in a subject or generally in school deserves to be rewarded !

Am I wrong here ?

And again , I find equality great , But I am afraid that somebody did not quite understand what equality means .

Or another example ;

A mother has two girls and to treat them equally she gives both girls a hug , Kiss or a cookie at the same time to demonstrate to her girls that she loves them EQUALLY !

Another time though one of the girls brings her report card and has an A on her homework assignment !

Of course the mother will reward her little girl by giving her a $5 dollar bill . The other daughter sees her mother giving her sister a $ 5 dollar bill and cries because she wants one too . The mother explains then the her sister earned it because she brought an A on her homework !

The sister does not want to hear about that and only cares about the fact that her sister has a $ 5 dollar bill and says that it is not fair !

But her tells her then ; Listen , I love you and your sister very much and I promise you that when you bring home an A for your homework assignment then I will also give you a $ 5 dollar bill ! How would you like that :) ?

At this pint the little girl is smiling again and of course she is trying now harder in school and is paying more attention to the teachers because she wants a $ 5dollar bill as well ;) !

I hope these examples make sense ? !

Thank you for reading .

Dusya .

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