Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Term " Disrespect "

As usually I am talking again about Massachusetts because I live in Massachusetts .

I see on Facebook and in real life ( If so to speak) people using the term " Disrespect or disrespectful " when they disagree with someone's behavior or mannerisms !

Somebody is being rude or is yelling at another individual and instantly I read or hear someone say ; That was disrespectful !

A friend of mines was yelled at from her employer and her boyfriend said that she should write a complaint to the supervisor that her boss was disrespecting her .

From what my friend me ; Her boss was yelling at her , But was also regretting it at the same time because her boss was simply so overwhelmed with being forced to take on more responsibilities that that the said boss was unfortunately taking out the frustration on the employees :( !

My friend realized that , But was not sure what to do about the situation .

Her boyfriend insisted that she complain about being " Disrespected !"

In other instances I see on Facebook , If someone makes an inappropriate comment or rude comment then people instantly scream " That was disrespectful ! "

Seriously people !

I cannot remember ever hearing the early 90's or late 90's somebody complaining about disrespect !

I am not sure when this started , But it definitely started in an era when people started forgetting what boundaries are ( That is for sure ! ) .

Speaking of boundaries , People are either extending boundaries or complaining about too many boundaries and it makes me think that people apearantly do not even understand boundaries either !

Having said that , I am seeing posters on buses and trains talking about boundaries like not to litter on a seat or not to spread your germs while sneezing all over the place ( Sort of) .

I admit that I only started using regularly public transportation in 2008 ( Approx. ) , But still , I am seeing more and more of these posters !

And if that is not bad enough , If you accidentally step on someone's toe on the for instance and you did not pay attention , Then you are considered " Disrespectful " !

Appearntly nobody cares anymore if you are having a bad day or if you are overwhelmed or just simply not paying attention ( For whatever reason) . One wrong move , Tone or word and you are accused of being disrespectful and people give you a look like you are the devil personally ( I am not kidding ) !

I am 32 now and I remember very well that 10-20 years ago we did not have these issues !

Nobody thought of accusations or even yelling " That is disrespectful " or anything equivalent !

It never keens to perplex me !

Thank you for reading

Dusya .

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  1. Hi Dusya

    That's probably because in the 1990s people kept it to themselves.

    Boundaries are hard to understand...