Friday, October 3, 2014

Parents And The School System

The United States is focusing on stopping bullying and discrimination in schools .

The LGBT Community,  The Community that is fighting racism and The Autism Community is being very proactive in fighting bullying and discrimination in schools .

But I have to say that I do Not see the SAME innitiative by parents and and schools !

No !  I will correct myself ! 

I do NOT see ENOUGH of the SAME innitiative by some parents and DEFINITELY 0 innitiative by some schools !

And by the way , I do not ave to be a parent to make such a statement.

I am actually experiencing this as I have an Autistic friend who is reaching out to a school in his home town and I am reaching out to parents to educate them about bullying.

And believe it or not , But parents have a LOT of exuses as to WHY they have no time to talk or have the said conversation !

And schools are simply saying ; We do our best to investigate incidents! 
Well , Geuss how they investigate ( Which is a metaphoric question) ?
They wait till actually an INCIDENT occurs and THEN they call the police !

I am personally shocked about their strategy ! .

Unfortunately there are very few parents who want to be involved !

I know this because I have tried reaching out to parents on a couple of occasions and they either look at me with sympathy or expect sympathy and or say they have to head to work !

There are for example very few parents who will say ; How do I support my autistic child or to whom should I talk to about m child being bullied for xyz ?

Unfortunately I hear mostly ; OMG !  This is horrible! 

And they go on with their day .

Just wanted to throw this out there !

Thank you for reading

Dusya .

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