Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Decisions vs Choices

I amnot sure that people nowadays know the difference between decisions an choices or even know what the phrase " Making a decision " means .

I say this because I read a lot people saying " You always have choices " .

Sorry,  But WRONG !

Let me give you a crash course in what the difference is between DECISION and CHOICE.

You may of course correct me if I am mistaken,  But the definition of choice is what I like or want .

If I have enough money on my debit card and I go to Marshals or Macy's to shop for clothes,  I look at two dresses and choose which dress I like best .

Or I am choosing between two Concert events .

When I make a decision then it is what I have to do and or being responsible like buying something responsibly.

For example,

I am on low income and have to DECIDE first what I can affor to buy .

I have to decide between 2 dresses meaning making a practical decision by looking at the dresses and thinking ; Although I like both dresses,  I have to decide which cost less AND which one I can put in a washmashin when it is dirty and not think about expensive dry cleaning costs !

Or when you buy a car , You make a decision based upon how much gasoline usage,  Insurance and maintenance.

Remember,  You cannot CHOOSE which auto insurance,  Gasoline price and or maintenance costs !

Or another example that everybody can relate to ;

When you are on low income,  You CANNOT CHOOSE where you live ( Or maybe you can , But to an extent ) . But when You are a white collar worker and can afford a car and such , Then of course you CAN CHOOSE where you want to live !
You can maybe even afford a Condo and YOU CHOOSE what house you like or Condo you like and buy it :) .

I could go on and on , But I think you get the idea .

Oh ! By the way , When you go to the library , You can DEFINITELY CHOOSE what you like !

Thank you for reading


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