Friday, March 27, 2015

Electro - Magnetic Therapy

I read an article in Scientific American a month ago about the above mentioned therapy and I was HORRIFIED when I read that it would be a substitute to pills in the future !

You CANNOT use Electro - Magnetic therapy for every disease and as a cure !

I repeat ! You cannot put all Immune Disorders and such in a pot !

Electro - Magnetic stimulatin CAN help , BUT ! And this is a BIG BUT ! 

There are some health condititions that require pills or Accupuncter or surgery and other kinds of therapy .

But you CANNOT use Electro - Magnetic therapy for Cancer , Alzheimer and other !

Some people cannot even tolerate electro - magnetic impulses !

For some people actually it can actually HARM their immune system and or neuroligy !

I went once to a neuroligical examination ( I will not go into details here ) and during the examination I felt heat passing through my body and from time to time I was jumpy due to different sensations .

After the examen I felt constant numbness in left leg and it took a week or so for my leg to back to normal .

You will probably say that that was a harmless side effect and although I agree , I will tell you right now that I was lucky and that for others the side effects could be WORSE !

Doctors and Scientists will probably tell me to shut up because I do not have a graduate degree for this subject , But I will say right now that you do not need a graduate degree to understand this !
Formostly you need COMMONSENSE !

And doctors and scientists in the medical and research field really should know better !

Thank you for reading


Monday, March 16, 2015

Inspiration vs . Motivation

I have read in the past articles and newspaper stories and read comments like " She is an inspiration " or " I am not your inspiration thank you very much ! " .

I had to think about the meaning of " Inspiration " and I especially had to think about this word when somebody close to me said once ; You inspire me !

And ever since I have been intensly about what inspiration means .

I looked it up on Google and then I decided to look up the definition of " Motivation " and I realized that there isa significant difference between INSPIRATION and MOTIVATION.

Motivation is when a person does something courageous or something that you would never expected that the said person would do maybe due to a disability and you think to yourself ; I have the same disability or I have similar issues , But if that can do it then I can try it too !

An inspiration on the other hand is an IDEA meaning a writer for instance reads a poem or looks at a picture and likes the story behind the poem or picture and in that very moment is inspired with an idea for a new novel / Book .

A good example for motivation is a documentary I saw a couple of months ago .

The title of The documetary was

" Miss, You can do it ! "

It is about a young woman with CP ( Cerebral Palsy who won as Miss America ( Or something like that ) and decided to use her fame to host a beauty contest for all girls in The U.S and Canaa who also had CP .

She wanted to motivate and encourage girls with CP and show them that having CP was NOT the end of the world !

And so she hostes this event approximately EVERY year and the girls come from all states and Canada with their guardians or parents and it is for them the most BEAUTIFUL experience because they are treated like princesses and do not have to think that their disability is a burden .

They have CP and it is OK :) !

They have the opportunity to participate in a non judgmental contest and become Miss America r Miss Wonderful and other !

The bottom line this woman who has CP and hosted a contest was motivating young girls to be themselves no matter what issues they have in life and that is motivation !

These girls knew that if this woman with CP could become Miss America then could they !

Inspiration is simply having an idea , But not really taking initiative.

Thank you for reading