Friday, March 27, 2015

Electro - Magnetic Therapy

I read an article in Scientific American a month ago about the above mentioned therapy and I was HORRIFIED when I read that it would be a substitute to pills in the future !

You CANNOT use Electro - Magnetic therapy for every disease and as a cure !

I repeat ! You cannot put all Immune Disorders and such in a pot !

Electro - Magnetic stimulatin CAN help , BUT ! And this is a BIG BUT ! 

There are some health condititions that require pills or Accupuncter or surgery and other kinds of therapy .

But you CANNOT use Electro - Magnetic therapy for Cancer , Alzheimer and other !

Some people cannot even tolerate electro - magnetic impulses !

For some people actually it can actually HARM their immune system and or neuroligy !

I went once to a neuroligical examination ( I will not go into details here ) and during the examination I felt heat passing through my body and from time to time I was jumpy due to different sensations .

After the examen I felt constant numbness in left leg and it took a week or so for my leg to back to normal .

You will probably say that that was a harmless side effect and although I agree , I will tell you right now that I was lucky and that for others the side effects could be WORSE !

Doctors and Scientists will probably tell me to shut up because I do not have a graduate degree for this subject , But I will say right now that you do not need a graduate degree to understand this !
Formostly you need COMMONSENSE !

And doctors and scientists in the medical and research field really should know better !

Thank you for reading


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