Saturday, May 30, 2015

Feminism Today vs 200 Years ago

   Feminists approximately 200 years ago fought for women to have the right to vote .

In The 60's and later Feminists fought for women to have equal rights .

Now we are in The 21st Century , We have women who vote , Women who are pilots , Lawyers , Doctors and even have government related jobs like being a City Councilor , Mayor or Attorny General or even a Secretary Of State !

We have come certainly a LONG way !

Now Feminists are fighting against Rape , Denied right to abortion and other issues that involve a womans freedom of choice .

What this all comes down to is that women must have equal rghts for decision making and no man should force or deny women any of their rights !

I want to state though that I am very concerned because I realized that now we have TWO SETS of Feminists !

There are Feminists that truely are fair and want women to be heard as it is a constitutional law ( Please feel free to correct me if I am mistaken ) and a law signed by UN .

Girls and women have the right to an education , To live safe etc....

On the other hand I see that there is another group of women who also call themselves Feminists,  But they are so upset that they forgot the true meaning of Feminism !

Feminism is about women who are nurturing and at the same time fight for their family when needed and fight for their own right to protect their family .

Men do not always have the strenght to fight so much and so women do this important task !

Women are ying or yang to what men are not able to do and I am worried that some Feminists are too upset to grasp this :( !

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