Friday, July 31, 2015

Racism vs Racism

I thought I knew what racism is because I have seen racism as long as I have been on this earth ( 33years ) .

Now I realize that there are probably to versions of racism and I am confused :( !

I have known my whole life that if a white person in authority does not give a black person a job or denies a black person education and or basically denies a black person rights then that is racism .

This makes sense to me in terms of that when you deny a black persin their rights BECAUSE of their skin color then you are being racist .

But I am confused about how you can even be racist when you apologize if you are making a racial comment ?

Or how is a person racist for saying ; I do not see black ?

Although my late father was a terrible person , But when he said that he does not see the color , The black person he spoke to knew he meant that he just sees a human being .

When I am exhausted,  I cannot think clearly .

And I am afraid that when I am very exhausted and I am around people,  I am probably not going to say a single word for fear of being perceived as racist :( ( I am very sad ! )

My mother thought me when I was a teenager that it is OK to make a mistake when you are around good people because the said people know you had good intentions.

Thank you for reading !


Sunday, July 12, 2015

Gender Identity

I volunteer as a Nursery teacher at a Church and while I am watching the toddlers and older children,  I also observ them in terms of their behavior and how they interact with eachother.

We almost have a mix of boys and girls and I say almost because it varies from Sunday to Sunday .

I can definetly say though that we have more girls than boys !

Regarding my observation , I think a lot about the parents I read about on Social media and The parents I listen to when I have the opportunity to watch a documentary on how parents raise their children.

The said parents take the gender of their child as an obvious because their perception is ; My child is to young to understand his or gender or my child does not understand that he or she is a girl /Boy .

From my observation in The nursery though I can assure you that these children know fairly well their gender ! I am not saying though that all children are like that , But MOST are .

The little boys do NOT WANT to play with girls ( Like all little boys in toddler and older age ) .

The other adults find it cute when the boys start a tantrum , But how else are boys supposed to say " I am a boy ! I do not play with girls ! "

On one hand I smile when I see it because it makes sense , But on the other hand I have to shake my head because everybody should know that it is not a good idea to force boys to play with girls unless they want to .

Thankfully we have a male teacher with us as well and so the boys are a tiny bit more approachable , But they wi barely listen to women like me and another female teaher with whom I share the responsibility ;) !

Thank you for reading