Sunday, November 29, 2015

Anti -Depressant , Meditation and other equivalent approaches

People reading The title will be surprised why I am writing about Anti - Depressant and Meditation

From.a medical standpoint anti - Depressant helps stabilize The chemical inbalance in The brain that causes depression which is true .

But what doctors and psychiatrists are ignoring is the fact that ant - Depressant has become FASHIONABLE if so to speak only in the past aproximately 20 years .

People have had depression for decades !

Doctors used to recommend walks in The forest , Change of diet , Change of environment or change of social life .

Some of it helped and some of it did not .

Nowadays if you say you have depression , Your doctor immediately prescribes anti - Depressant as opposed to discussing with you in dept about what is happening in your life and even if they do ask you about you t life , They still prescrib anti - Depressant as if that were The solution to ALL worldly problems !

There are two different reasons for depression ; 1)

Chemical inbalance that can be caused by varius brain injuries or simply by an on born chemical in balance in The brain anything related to The immune system/  Immune deficiancy .


Beyond stressful environment including work , Family,  Social / Relationship and or living environment .

Any of the above mentioned can cause anxciety and or depression !

Many people take anti - Depressant to calm their mind which makes perfect sense !
But ! And yes I have a HUGE BUT !

Anti - Depressant does NOT work o t help EVRYONE !

If anti -Depressant does not help , Then try something NON chemical like healthy diet , Excersis or Meditation and or Yoga .

And I will admit that even the last ones I mentioned will not be efficient if you are affected by your environment meaning if your environment causes you to be sick then you have to change your environment .

Unfortunately sometimes it is difficult to change your environment when it is not in your hands meaning when you cannot choose due to lack of funds or other obstakles that are beyond your control.

Thank you for reading !


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