Wednesday, November 11, 2015

God And Raising Children

I am now since almost 4 months a Nursery leader at a non denominational church that still includes Jesus and his teachings .

I lead The Nursery with a couple and despite that non of us has children of our own , Many parents are full of gratitude and praise .

But that is actually beside the point ( Just short background information)  .

Anyways , I cannot help but observe the parents and how they seem to raise the children.

In my time ( 1981-2000) or at least till 19 95 discipline was part of raising children.  I was never spanked , But I was raised with assertiveness and patients and love .

These children in Nursery though seem or at least some of them obviously NEVER heard the word no .

I do understand that parents are thought that these are God's children and that they are innocent and all , But from my perspective that does not mean that they should not be disciplined .

I am.not thinking here as a religious person or atheist,  I am using common sense .

Even The old testament,  People who go to read the 10 commandements, But that does not mean they immediately stop lying , Stealing or anything else that The testament talks about !

It is the parents job to teach their children right from wrong by saying no when necessary and those who teach children,  But not GOD !

Parents and teachers in religious institutions are supposed to follow the teachings of The leader and use their own mind as well .

Being a parent is a lifetime responsibility and if you are religious,  You do NOT hand that responsibility to GOD ! You let God GUIDE YOU by following what you remember from your own child hood that you appreciated and what you have seen other parents do that was impressive.

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