Thursday, February 25, 2016

History vs Present vs Future

We study History in school because first of all it is part of our curiculum and seconds because we are supposed to learn from The past to make a better future .

It has been a while since I graduated and I cannot exactly remember what reason our teacher gave us as to WHY we have History in class and I do not know if teachers nowadays tell their students WHY they have to study History.

What I do know for sure is that it is important to learn for exams in History to pass and to have a good grade and it is needed to so you can easier apply for future jobs and or College .

I think  it is very important to emphasize to students that they study history BECAUSE History repeats itself from century to century !

Because then students will understand History better and it will subconsciously give them a sense of responsibility to create a better future which is The ultimate goal !

We have every year a holiday in remembrance of The Holocaust to keep us mindful of what happened and HOW it happened.

And to make sure it NEVER happens again !

Now we have a Presidential election coming up and sad to say we have a candidate who resembles in his views The Nazie leader who I will NOT name here as to not trigger anybody and The saddest part is that he has a lot of fans !

It is horrific !

Although I am still young , I have heard throughout my life politicians and mainstream mm people say " This is The U.S ! What happened in Europe will NEVER happen in The United States ! We are a welcoming and democratic and liberal country !"

And NOW in 2016 we have THIS candidate and he seems to have a horrific amount of supporters  !

I am shaking my head in sadness and my heart aches :(

Thank you for reading


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