Sunday, May 8, 2016

Humanity And Society

I was told recently that it is natural for people to want to socialize .

I have to this phrase every other day and and a most recent occasion !

I was with to female friends and one of them said " I am resting , But should I not be out socializing ?" And what caught me off guard was The way she said it .
.she looked guilty !

Although I told her that it is OK to take a break , But it totally caught me off guard that she felt guilty for not being social !

I did not ask her why she was sad about not socializing , But I thought to myself " How can you be devastated about not socializing  ?!"

Although I understand that it is important for a person's  wellbeing to socialize from a psychological and social standpoint,  But I honestly think it is an OVERKILL to socialize every minute of The day ( If so to speak )

I know also that every person is different  .

Some people need a lot of social for their self esteem and some people only needto socialize once in a while .

I have The impression that our society expects people to be social as soon as they wake up and end socializing when they go to bed .

People socialize everywhere !

At home  ( If a family exists ) or care giver , In The neighborhood,  At school  ( Kindergarten,  Elementary,  Middle and Highschool ) and maybe College  ( For those who go to College ) and Work place and definitely church or whatever Religious institution people attend ( If they do ) .

40 years ago or more people mostly socialized at home , Parties and at entertainment locations like The Circus and or Theatre ( For those who went )

People did not socialize much at work except for a good morning , Have a nice day and have a good evening.

Nowadays you socialize EVERYWHERE.

And as I mentioned earlier in this post there are some people who find great importance in socializing and there are some people who can do quite well without.

But The issue with our present society is that appearantly if you do not feel like socializing then something is wrong with you . Some people get asked " How are you ? , Are you not feeling well ? "

It is appearantly beyond comprehension that you simply do not enjoy socializing as much as others.

I personally had to experience ridiculous situations where a friend of mine considered me very shy because I was not talking much to people at a party .

This memory almost makes me laugh because I was immediately introduced to another woman at The party who was considered to be very shy and my friend suggested that we take a walk to get some fresh air and so I went with this woman and boy was she talkative  !

I was listening to her throughout our walk and I had to think to myself  " This is what people consider shy ? " . Needless to say I barely said a word throughout our walk ;)

I do admit that I was shy as a child,  But I definitely think that my shyness changed into introvert.

I can socialize for a bit , But then It is enough.

I volunteer in an office and I barely talk to anyone except when I have a question and it is really like vacation for me :) !

Thank you for reading  !


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