Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The year 2016

Although I realize that every century has it's pros and cons , But I feel very deeply about what I am experiencing from The early 80's till July 2016 .

Society,  Education system,  Workforce etc...

Public transportation is now accessible EVERYWHERE or almost everywhere in The U.S  especially since The mid 80's

Although I was driven everywhere by car by my late father or by friends of my father or people who knew my grandparents.

My father was convinced that you cannot get anywhere without a car in The U.S

My mother had then The tendency to say " Well , When Dusya turns 16,17 or 18 she get a driver's license "

I cannot afford one yet , But I still want to get a license.

After I graduated High school and started working at MGH I learned differently meaning you can easily get a train or bus to MGH depending on where you live  !

So transportation is easy to an extent and I say to an extent because some places in Malden , Quincy,  Burlington , Melrose and or a little further you still need a car .

Throughout my childhood I barely had connection to people who lived in houses unless I was in NY or Washington D.C visiting my grandparents . So I probably would have never met people I know if it were not for public transportation .

I have been in neighborhoods where it was piecefull and no drugs or shooting and where I have seen above mentioned.

Regarding education,  There have always been two kind of schools

Good schools in good neighborhoods and schools in less fortunate neighborhoods .

Although The better schools offered more opportunities for College,  But still you could get in different school settings a good education  ( At least in my experience ) .

And with special ed. Also I cannot remember issues.

Regarding housing,  Families had priority for section 8 and although I am not exactly sure how it was for single adults , But I do remember that getting housing was easier.

Now since The late 90's ( I think ) or 2000 life started going downhill .

It is harder to get housing unless you are an M.D or have a Bachelor or Masters or at least harder to rent a,reasonable apartment.

Now if you live in a good neighborhood you have issues with special ed , But somewhat easier  ( At least from what I heard )  , But if you live in a less fortunate neighborhood,  The teachers and The Department of Education complain about funding issues and you also seem to need permission to be disabled  ( Partly sarcasm,  Partly serious )

Also standardized testing

It probably exists since The 80's but it looks to me like children in school Whatever they learn in school they Probably need a College degree to understand The new tools offered to learn math and other subjects ( Again partly sarcastic, Partly serious and also shocked )

And now all these shootings and wars one after another in practically every week somewhere either in The U.S or in The world

Social media has enough news coverage so this The first time I am glad not to have a TV because it is sickening to see these news !

The education system is going downwords and people are loosing their common sense and we have all these wars !

Just food for thought

Thank you for reading


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  1. Did you know about BOCEs when you were younger, Dusya?

    The Australian curriculum too is changing.

    Do you find lots of positive news sources like Positively Scottish which has lots of entrepreneurial and community news? And is good for deep and long articles.

    Yes - people's common sense seems to be redistributed.

    Hope you do find out about Section 8/social/public housing for single adults.

    We think that with our degrees it's easier to cope with bureaucracy. Helas, this is not the case!