Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Election 2016 -2017

I have no intention to say who I am voting for although people maybe will assume it is obvious from this post , But I do not care .

I do not have a TV , But from what I have heard so far from friends regarding The recent Presidential debate I am not even sorry that I did not watch said debate.

I do not care at this point if The media is responsible for The nonsense that we hear from The Republican candidate and or if it is said Republican candidate responsibility what we hear from him !

I have no intention to listen to a candidate who is more qualified to have a role in a sitcom like Seinfeld or Two And A Half Men or other more recent shows .

And The reason I am mentioning these sitcomes is because The Presidential election has unfortunately turned to an entertainment industry as opposed to a serious election discussing issues relating to our country may it be domestic or foreign.

I have listened to The Democratical nominee and Republican nominee on YOUTUBE and noticed that  besides The gender difference ,  Also a difference in speech and mannerisms  .

Although both candidates went to College,  The Republican candidate has The vocabulary of probably a 6th grader .

I am maybe mistaken,  But definitely elementary school level vocabulary  .

I know that there are many Americans who are voting for The Republican candidate. 

Right now I will not discuss why or bad mouth them for doing so , But I will look at The Republican party itself and wonder WHY ?! with a capital WHY and exasperation !

The Republican party is,paying close attention to their nominee and they pay close attention to The media coverage  . They see that their nominee is embarrassing them on an ongoing basis!  They see The media reporting everything that their nominee sais and does and how insulting some of his speeches are  !

It is beyond me how they can sit there and watch their nominee being reported for racist,  Ableist comments etc..  ! The White House is The most important and prestigious appointment in The U.S !

Being President of The United States is The most important and prestigious position in The U.S  !

The Republican party is supposed to be proud of their nominee and feel pride in their nominee  !  How can they sit there and observe all The embarrassing and humiliating moments and wait to see what happens next  ?!

How can they sit and watch knowing that The ENTIRE world is watching us right now during The election with more media coverage than I care to count ?!

I do not see any logic in their  passivness !

I am just baffled 

Thank you for reading


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