Friday, October 7, 2016

The American Red Cross

I am a Red Cross volunteer since October 2012 .

I volunteer as Administrator,  Blood Drive Ambassador and Serving The Armed Forces Ambassador.

I do not get to travel to places where a fire breaks out or flooding because I do not feel physically fit do take on said responsibilities.

I hear stories from my fellow volunteers who traveled even to The Philippines after The earthquake.

They bring blankets,  Food , Water , Medicine and clothes to people who lost most of their livelyhood .

I hear stories from fello volunteers how they often have to negotiate with authorities to even provide with essentials because The Government officials ignore The presence of The Red Cross upon arrival .

I remember last month I drove with a Disaster Service volunteer to an event and we were barely able to pass despite that The police was present and saw us  !

I was puzzled and my partner who drove The vehicle said that this was not surprising because he actually experienced worse in another country where was providing assistance.  I do not remember which country he spoke about,  But he mentioned there was an emergency and they put sirens in , But The local police and other cars still did not let them through.

I am still shocked !

I shared this with another volunteer who I enjoy working with and her response was " They are only human " My fellow volunteer is right about being human , But it still breaks my heart !

I meet sometimes people whom I tell that I volunteer with The American Red Cross and then they share stories of how thankful they are for surviving a fire and loosing their home and that they had a place to stay afterwards and settle back into life.  I want to share their stories , But due to consent issues and other I can only share by spreading The word .

And then seeing The media coverage and people calling The Red Cross a scam , It breaks my heart  :( !

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