Thursday, November 17, 2016

Trump vs Clinton

Donald Trump is The elected president although Hillary Clinton had The most votes ( Let that sink in ) !

One of The reasons why Trump was chosen over Clinton is because mixed information regarding confidential emails that H.Clinton sent and her husband's infamous history of infidelity to just name a few .

Let me make a few comparisons  .

Hillary 's husband cheatd on her with various women and although he is not The first president to cheat on his wife , But Congress decided to make him look worse than any cheating husband in history  !

Trump has cheated on each of his wives with The next woman he married and BESIDES that he also consistently touched women without their consent  !

Trump said that he would date his daughter Ivanca if she were not his daughter.  He is basically saying he would sleep with his daughter but has to control himself BECAUSE she is his daughter  . And if that not explicit enough for you all , He is controlling himself not to fall into INCEST  ! He talks about his daughter's in a sexual way ! 

Bill Clinton has NEVER EVER said anything equivalent about his own daughter Chelsea !

It is natural for a man to feel proud about having a,beautiful daughter  , But it is not natural to think of your daughter in a sexual way !

Trump insults people on a daily basis , Makes fun of people with or without disabilities,  Apologizes and goes on with his insults like nothing happened  .

He cheats in his personal life and throughout his work and says later he is sorry and everybody forgives him . If Hillary Clinton makes a tiny tiny mistake ,She actually corrects her mistake , But people still want to take her head off !

According to The latest talks about how Trump does business, He is not in The loop of The mentality of business people in foreign countries  !

And if that is not bad enough,  He has no clue on how Congress,  The Oval Office or how governing a country in general works !

He obviously has no leadership skills whatsoever and it is beyond me how he can even be successful in The business world !  Current president Obama said that being a,leader is an ongoing learning experience  .

I agree with that whole heartedly  !

But how can somebody who has no idea how congress works , How a legislative bill is passed be a leader of The United States of America or any country on This planet ?!

Now he is coming up with changes in immigration law . He wants to make strict laws about immigration and illegal immigrants residing in The U.S without even realizing what exactly makes an immigrant illeagal !

He is clueless about border control , Is ready to make ammendments to The Constitution  and makes request for his family that are beyond common sense  !

I have no idea what he learned in high school,  But in my time we actually learned half of what is necessary to know about The Constitution and other !

I am not saying that Hillary Clinton would be an outstanding president,  But at least she knows what she is talking about when she meets with representatives of Congress and world leaders .

I am seriously concerned for our country !

Thank you for reading 


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