Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Science Of Autism

PThere are many Autism Conferences around The world .

Every year there is at least one Autism Conference in a city somewhere in The world  ! 

Does not matter what country and city you are in , There is definitely an Autism Conference.

These conferences are designed to educate about Autism ( Makes sense,  Right? )  .

But The issue with these conferences is that at these conferences you will about how an Autistic brain differes from an non Autistic brain .

A few non Autistic researchers and Psychologist who know about Autism because they have a kid or relative who us Autistic.  There are actually Autistic researchers as well but very few and they do not really get to talk about what causes melt downs in Autistic people and children. Mostly they are asked to talk about The EXISTENCE of meltdowns and anger and fear .

Autistic adults and parents and other researchers attend these conferences to learn something new about Autism as science.  Autistic adults though attend said conferences to learn how to cope with meltdowns.

Sure ,Autistic adults meet other Autistic adults and socialize,  Which is great  !

But from my experience and I have attended a couple of Autism related conferences , Autistic people attend said conference hoping to hear how about coping skills when you are scared , Exhausted or overwhelmed.

Many Autistic people and children have enormous difficulties with changes! 

It is hard for many Autistic to adjust ti new situations and environments !

Some Autistic do learn to go with the flow ( If so to speak ) , But it is still extremely frustrating and hard !

I know that non Autistic people also struggle with changes , But some people I noticed manage to adjust after a while.

I have had a few conversations with people in The past that always puzzled me .

I would tell someone thatI am exhausted and that I have not had a break in two weeks and The responses I would hear would be " Oh , I am sorry to hear that ! Hope it gets better !" Or I would hear " Oh ! That sucks ! Hope it gets better !"  and after these comments I guess people just talk about what made their week so exhausting and you feel better afterwards  . This kind of conversation does not make much sense to me personally. 

I have never heard though someone say " I am sorry you are so tired ! Have you thought about taking a look at your calendar and committing to a certain day to have just for yourself. Watch TV , Read a book or just take a walk or anything that makes you feel good ?"

I have never heard anybody say The above mentioned  !

Of course if people feel great after just talking about their problems,  Good for them , Honestly  !

But I hope that there are also plenty of people out there who actually want to rest .

I know our society focuses on being active around The clock except for The night,  But many Autistic people are not able to and convincing them to go with The clock makes them physically and mentally sick  .

And unfortunately at Autism conferences you do not learn to cope with stress .

And squeeze balls are effective,  But only to an extent  .

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