Sunday, January 29, 2017

The New Government And Our Society

I am not sure if people have noticed,  But The new President and his soon to be cabinet are literally a mirror of our current society !

Meaning everything we hate about our current society,  Is now represented at The White House and and The new cabinet members .

Ignorance or bigotry,  Hate , Jealousy , People who pretend to care .

Whatever you do not like about The people in your environment,  May it be your next door neighbor,  Your colleague , Your boss or if you have children then your child's teacher ; All those qualities that make you shake your head in disbelief are now being representrd by The new President and his cabinet .

The new President is one of those people who will say that he has a heart for homeless people,  Take a selfie while giving a child  $20 and then expect The entire country to admire him .

I know that many politicians do that , But in his case it actually goes to The extreme because he would probably post his picture personally on social media and then wait to see people on social media responding to his picture in awe and admiration.

The majority of his cabinet has no clue about people and their lives,  But will tell you how to live your life and what not to do and have no intention to listen to you evenif you have good reasons to object to their so called opinions.

I could go on and on , But seriously  !

Anything that people you know in day to day life do and makes you feel helpless,  Frustrated or just angry is now represented in The Government  !

I find this mind blowing !

Thank you


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