Friday, January 20, 2017

The New President

The United States of America has a new President  and America is literally DIVIDED in regards to The new President  !

There are people who are beyond disgusted and there are people are actually ignoring his policies and just look at him as The great guy these people seem to perceive him .

Nevermind that notion about The new President is even divided AROUND THE WORLD !

Those who support him want everybody to give him a chance despite him announcing his goals as new President  which sound a lot like partly in The 1930s and partly like during The century when The U.S was divided into colonies .

He wants each State Government to make their own decisions in regards to individual policies .

Before The U.S became United,  It was all colonies and each colony made decisions in regards to racism,  Healthcare , Education and other.

Although we already have The issue that each state has its own notions about said policies , But right now or till now The Federal Government had The last word .

Now if The Federal Government indeed will step down from governing each state individually then it is possible or probable that we will have something similar to what we had in 1840 for instance.

Also  I find interesting that although reasons for disproving of The President is all over The media,  The new President is ridiculously oblivious to people's concerns .

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