Monday, February 6, 2017

The Psychology Of Admiring Donald Trump

It is quite obvious that The world is divided in its opinion of Donald Trump .

One part of The world wants to Donald Trump to step down as President because he is ruining The diplomatic relationship between The U.S and all countries that want a collaboration with The U.S for The gain of humanity  .

Not letting immigrants with legal permanent status and even naturalized U.S citizens enter The U.S based upon rules that do not make any sense nor are constitutional,  Stopping agricultural and economical business relationships with certain foreign countries,  Womens rights , Civil rights and you name it ;

All The above are obvious reasons to want Donald Trump to step down .

But The other side loves and adores Donald Trump !

Some men seem to admire him because he represents something that they want to be and I am not talking necessarily about his beliefs,  But rather his personality and his life style !

I think The same goes for some of The women who adore him.

They love his charisma  !

At least I think that is what some women see when they look at him .

The attractive part about him is his endless amount of bank accounts , How he dresses , His hobbies  ( Golfing and other ) , His travel custom ( Any country that is considered exotic ) and he seems to take a plane to wherever he wants and when he wants .

I know this is all superficial,  But some people care really more about The above mentioned than anything else !

Said qualities make you blind to all The struggles that you see in The media and or experience in your environment  .

From an intellectual standpoint,  I am fascinated by this phenomenon and find it interesting,  But from a human perspective and having a consciousness,  I am terrified  , Scared :( !

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