Monday, September 25, 2017


Although I do not have children, But from what I see in The media and from listening to conversations by friends who do have children I can tell that we have now more school bullying than in The past maybe 20 years !

I personally have experienced a lot of bullying during The 80's and 90's in school .

And age unfortunately does not even matter because bullying happens at ANY AGE !

But I was hoping that bullying would decrease with The years,  But The opposite is happening.

We have now more bullying and it is going to increase to more and more throughout The years !

I kept wondering during this year WHY it bullying is actually increasing and then I started reading articles about schools where bullying takes place and I was shocked when I read phrases from teachers or parents saying that teachers are not going to step in when a child is being bullyied by another student or students! 

It was beyond me how teachers can respond like that !

They seriously are not going to step in and expect The kids to work it out on their own !

This is outrageous  !

And then I read something about a few teachers saying that they did not want to get yelled at from any of The parents who kids were causing trouble !

This made me angry !

In my time we obviously still had real teachers !

In my time , When a student was bullyied,  The class room teacher immediately took action !

Either spanking on The hand with a ruller , Sending said bully to The Principles office and eventually call in The parents or a teacher had a one on one with a bully to make very clear that bullying was NOT acceptable no matter what The supposed reasoning behind it was !

Of course I do know that some parents would come in or talk on The phone with The Principle and sometimes yell at said principal or teacher for laying a hand on their child without caring about The bullying.

I do remember that some mothers showed up and yelled " Mind your business! " even despite talking about The fact that their kid bullyied another kid .

I recall very clearly a student from my class had a bleeding nose , But The parent of The bully did not want to hear it . The most important thing was that nobody has a right to say anything to their kid because they are The parent and not The teacher 

Did any of The behaviors change afterwards;  No ! Nothing was done .

The bully was just defended by a parent and The bullying continued.

If The parents were more reasonable then some of The bullying stopped!

Well , I know now that bullying will increase and more students will die because teachers are too afraid to get yelled at by certain parents  .

I guess home schooling will more safer than actual schools unless you can find a school where teachers care more about The safety of their students than being yelled at parents for doing their job :( !

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