Wednesday, October 25, 2017


Marxism / Communism is becoming popular nowadays because there is a high rise in poverty.

A lot of young people are screaming " Down with capitalism !"  And said groups are fascinated by Marxism and Leninism .

I think said groups assume that if we get ride of capitalism then we will get ride of poverty and there will be no PRIVILEGES and everybody will be equal.

But capitalism is not The problem  nor was it ever!

We have rich people all over The world  !

What I also find interesting is that we do not have royalty in The U.S . We have political parties. The reason I am mentioning royalty is because The founders of The U.S did not want royalty!  They wanted our nation to have a change in Government every four years and The people should decide who should be next President as opposed to having a decade of royalty ruling The country.

We still have royalty though in some European countries although in some countries royalty was put down because SUPPOSEDLY royalty was The cause of all evil meaning POVERTY !

Russia had royalty but said royals were executed . German royalties are still around but no significant part in power .

And The same with Austria and Iran .

Other countries still have royalties in power so that tells me again that royalty or capitalism is not The problem  !

The actual problem is POWER  !

Many people obviously think that being rich means power . But only very few rich people understand that being rich means ACTUALLY having responsibility  !

When you have money,  You have a responsibility to serve those who are poor . It has been this way for decades  .

The same goes for royalty,  In some countries royalty still exists because said royal families do not focus on power but on SERVING !

They serve their citizens and country.

I am not saying that we should have royalty in The U.S , I am just saying that royalty was not The actual problem.

And I am aware that whoever will read this blog post will think I need to be educated about Marxism and other and you are welcome to educate me , But please keep in mind that each country has its own views on what Marxism and other mean .

From people who lived during The great depression you will hear that China or other former or current communist countries strongly DISAGREED with Russians idea of communism .

Nevermind that The U.S is copy cating Russians idea if communism by making rent so expensive that people have to have a fat paycheck to live on their own ( At least in Massachusetts )

Thank you for reading



  1. Rent-seekers!

    And I do understand noblesse oblige.

    Service is paramount, even James Bond remembers this, and he might be considered the ultimate capitalist in pop culture.

    Yes - Netherlands; Belgium; Denmark - three prominent examples of service-oriented and service-organised constitutional monarchy.

    Of all the things you need to live on your own - a fat paycheck...

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