Saturday, January 27, 2018

Political Correctness And other Nonsense

I was born in The early 80's .

Throughout my ENTIRE school life , I NEVER had classmates who were all white or blond with blue eyes .

Not sure what people say nowadays about what it was like growing up in Boston , MA between 1980-2011 , But I personally cannot remember ever being around only WHITE people .

Besides being around different cultures when I visited my grandparents in Washington D.C and NY because they LOVED and cherished their inter-cultural friendships , I grew up around jews , Turkish people who were either muslim or Christian , People from Arabic countries or people who came from different arabic speaking countries where people also were either Christian or muslim , Greek people , Russian and people from The former Yugoslavian ( I apologize if I misspell any of The countries ! No matter how hard I tried to learn correct spelling and pronounciation , I had to be corrected CONSTANTLY ) .

I had a best friend when  I was a little girl , He was born here , But his parents and grandparents were from Greec .

In first grade , It was a mix of children who were although they were born here , But their parents were from some eastern Asian country , A few children who were blond with blue eyes , A few black children and a few who's parents were from Puerto Rico .

In second garde , Some children moved away and we had again a mix ,

We had les white children with dark hair but more black children and and a few Puerto Rico children . AND I had a black teacher who was never tired of educating us about The color of our skin !

We had children in class who would call each other name sBECAUSE of somebody was black or did not look Puerto Rican enough . We had plenty of discussions about racism and what that means
If a student acted racist , said was put in The corner and said student would cry . Our black teacher was stern but gentle at the same time .

Our black teacher would explain racism and why it is wrong by pointing to her own brown skin
" Many of us in this classroom have a different skin color , But that does not mean that any of us is better or worse than anybody in this class with a different skin color ! What matters is what is in our heart and how  we treat people !"

Then in 4th grade we had a few children with dark hair and blond hair . we had students now from former Yogoslavia .

I had a few muslim children in my class .

Then in middle school again I cannot remember being around ONLY kids from Boston or Massachusetts in general .

Middle and High school , A couple of us white students with dark hair and some students who's parents from Puerto Rico .

In every school I attended there was always a talk about racism and I learned that racism goes both ways . Of course I learned about bullying as well !

I cannot remember a year in my entire school life where i was not bullied or another student for being different in any way or being shamed .

I was called a fat sheep from first grade till 8th garde because I did not fit MODEL standards that many skinny girls in my class were copying .

Later on I was bullied or shamed because I did not dress like other girls my age ( I simply did not approve The fashion of that particular decade and at the same time I did not really know what my style was so I wore whatever my mother suggested me to wear ) .

Also girls and boys were treated differently and there were lots of discussions in classrooms and teachers thought their students critical thinking skills by teaching students to form an opion and or understand different point of views .

Nowadays appearantly discussions do not take place as much in classrooms as much . Students nowadays do not really form opions because they focus on the notion that their teacher is right in everything , Whatevver the issue is !

Gender , Politics , Science ....

And todays peoples idea of shaming somebody is different than it used to be in the early 80's .

In The mid 80's for instance , If a friend told another friend that " Purple is not her color " , That just meant that maybe try another color something like red , yellow or just any other color that looks appealing . "

Today if you would tell a friend that purple is not your color then that would be concidered shaming because you have the right to wear whatever color you want ( Sigh) .

Or Feminist getting offended when I  point out that we have women in science , Politics , Medicin and even women in CEO possitions .

I understand womens rights !

Women have the right to equal pay and right to education and opportunity and to be treated with respect by men !

Yes , I agree with that ! But why do  feminist want to ignore what we have achieved so far ?!

would it not make more sense to expand on what we have achieved ?

The reason I am sharing this is because everytime I share a perspective , I am being called sexist , Or I need to get educated about racism or any other issue .

I just find it ironic that I get called out in this way despite my long list of experience and I am not even starting a fight .

Thank you for reading


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  1. Dusya,

    Political correctness was never supposed to touch the world and lived experience of children.

    I read your post and I think, "What have we wrought?"