Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Domestic violence , Rape AND Abuse

Anytime a man or woman or Transgender and or anybody who identifies as an LGBTQ  person reports any of The above mentioned , Said individual gets sent to see a therapist to " Talk about it " . My issue with this advice is that being listened to , Will NOT solve The problem !

Having said that , You " talk about it " and then go back to where you are being hurt and it starts all over again !

I myself have been LISTENING and wondering "  WHY would you stay with a person or partner  who does this to you ?! "

You MUST learn self respect AND Self love to leave such a horrible environment !

It took me a long time to understand The WHY !

I have been watching The news daily about immigration regulations , Housing support and shelter offers and people suggesting to talk to a social worker .

People who go through domestic violence and or other get often The advice to go a shelter or talk to a lawyer .

And although people do not understand how everything is interconnected , But if you listen to stories of people who went through some sort of violence , You will hear that some of these people do not leave because they do not want to go to a shelter , Some of them are worried about loosing their green card or other because they are married to The person who is hurting them and they are afraid that The court will side with the person hurting them due to legal reasons .

Especially when children are involved !

Some people will rather stay in an abusive situation because they do not want to go into a shelter because they heard horror stories !

And although there is assistance for victims of domestic abuse in regards to housing , but sometimes  The list is ridiculously LONG although it is an emergency situation !
Having said all this , On one hand listening is definetely helpful for people who went through or still are getting raped , Abused or going through domestic violence especially from The person they live with , But on The other hand havimg somebody to talk to about what is happening is NOT enough !

The system has to be changed !

Housing laws have to be improved !

Immigration laws have to be improved so that people who have a visa or green card through their partner CAN stay in The U.S and live a productive life without having to depend on their partner or spouse !

If The system would be improved in said areas then there would be less issues with shelters as well because most people who stay in shelters have gone through various traumatic situations as well !

Men and women and Transgender and or anybody who identifies as LGBTQ  !

Thank you for reading


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