Saturday, May 19, 2018

Being There For Eachother

There are  good men and bad men .Good women and bad women .

Throughout generations men have formed groups or circles for men to support eachother .

Same with women .Women have also created circles or groups to support eachother throughtout various struggles of life .

Men have been there for each other to support eachother through various life challeneges and offer feedback as needed .

Same for women .

Nowadays we still have these friendships and circles , But not as much as we used to.

Unfortunately nowadays we have more competition than friendships especially among women.

Although it is natural , It was never really about which woman has prettier hair or has better taste for dresses or purses or which woman is smarter .

Nowadays women rarely suppoort eachother through life struggles .
You are lucky if you are around women who are supportive !

Men help eachother or are SUPPOSED to help eachother .

Older / More experienced men help younger men and boys through various issues like dating , Job , academics , How to be a good man and or husabnd .

Same with women !

Older or more experienced women guide younger women and girls through daily life struggles .

wether it is fashion , dating , Academics or nowadays even career .

The more experienced women who grew to be emotionally and or mentally stronger would guide women and girls who needed help by walking The walk with them or taking their hand and doing whatever was needed step by step .

It was NEVER about strong women looking down at women and girls who do not know better !

Women say that men do not listen and that is why we have so many issues in this world !

I  agree and I disagree at The same time because as I said there are good AND bad men in this world .

I disagree though because women also stopped listening !

I am not talking though about ALL women . I am talking about some strong women who think they are better than everybody else and have The right to treat women who do not know bettter condoscendingly .

Strong women are OBLIGED to listen to women who need help and help them The best they can !

Women who need somebody to listen to them need a strong woman on their side to listen and to tell them " You are not alone ! I am here for you ! We will go through this together !"

And of course good men to listen and eventually say " What happened to you is wrong ! Tell me, How can I help you ?"

There is so much miscommuncation among women or lack thereof . It breaks my heart !

Because we have men and women who think  they are better , Prettier or smarter than others and so The so called " Smarter people should not be talking to those who need help " , Due to that particular mindset we have so many horrible situations now in this world .

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