Thursday, May 10, 2018

I am fearing for this generation and The upcoming generation

In The recent months bills have come out to stop gun violence especially in schools .

Also in the recent months spanking children was hot a debate and considered by The majority of people as abuse .

And never mind that teachers are not allowed to punish a student because ANY form of punishment is considered ABUSE .

Now we have had more school shootings in The U.S than I care to count !

I do not have any children , But remembering how worried my mother always was when I was in school , I can imagine to an extent what these parents went through when they either heard that their kid was injured or even KILLED during any of The shootings that occurred recently !

Now I realize that we have more BULLYING and MORE VIOLENCE due  to lack of empathy and critical thinking skills !

A friend of mine on social media posted an article about a girl who hurt a boy with scissors in school because he lifted her dress and he was taken to The nurse . He was not seriously injured so he did not have to go to The hospital .

I do not remember if this girl was asked to leave The school for a few days as punishment for her actions or not , But I was HORRIFIED by The women responding to this article !

One woman , A mother seriously was defending The girl for defending herself with scissors !

she seriously said she would not defend her son if this happened to him

and another woman was also cheering this girl for her actions and I was dumbfound !

I was wondering if they had issues with men or in this case boys and asked what if a girl did The same to me because I did have a girl lift my dress in Middle school and one of The women responded that The gender was not The issue but The ASSAULT itself !

Again I was confused and asked a woman what she would do if I stepped on her foot on purpose and she seriously said she would definitely defend herself !

And one of them seriously said and I paraphrase " He was not so bad that he needed surgery !"

And another one said that she would defend herself because of her PTSD .

I have to say , At this point I was so speechless that I messaged my friend and told her that although I respect her , But I had to unfriend her to keep my sanity !

Reading The responses of these women was so shocking I just have no words !

If I had a  kid who lifts a dress of another student or anything else that is unacceptable , I would punish my kid with NO TV , NO HANGING OUT WITH FRIENDS , LESS MONTHLY ALLOWANCES or NO MONTHLY ALLOWANCE AT ALL or something else !

If you are being raped or in serious danger of your life , THEN you use scissors to defend yourself or even a gun !

In The 90's and earlier , If a boy was grabbing The bra  of a girl in school for instance , said girl would drag that boy into her bathroom and push his head and face into a toilet bowl to teach him a lesson . Or a student would be locked in The gym to stop said student from bullying others !

Considering scissors to defend yourself  because somebody lifts up your dress or stepping on your foot on purpose is something that a MADMAN does !

Civilized people do not use sharp equipment or utensils to defend themselves because somebody was being mean and pushed them ! This defense strategy is INSANE !

And teenagers should be learning to defend themselves in a civilized manner .

May I suggest offering a karate course in ALL schools to learn self defense ?!

I am serous !

This society is turning into a world of MADNESS if self defense means carrying scissors with you in case somebody kicks or brakes your nose ( Which has been happening for centuries in The youth culture ) .

Just food for thought

Thank you for reading



  1. I do like the idea of learning a martial art or using dance steps to defend yourself or to get out of the way more easily.

    Yes - seems like reasonable ways to get into the child's currency depending on how old they are and what they're working on and what they did.

    All in the context of a respectful relationship, of course.

    And this "toilet bowl" is a proportionate response, Dusya?

    Who does the locking in the gym? The teacher? The administration?

    What I understood about martial arts culture from cousins and friends: you do everything you can to avoid a fight or a conflict and then you build up your mind to make it strong and capable.

    And the automatic responses we make - and put into our conscious mind - are important.

    As for me I like to keep sharp implements in their proper places. Those places are not usually public places like classrooms or the street.

    If I were raped or in serious danger of my life I might not be able to think any more.

    1. Yes , The toilet bowl is better than using scissors or a knife .

      Regarding The gym , In The 90’s it was students who locked a bully in The gym . The administration nor teachers EVER did that .

      Later The Administratuon would find out and report to The parent of said bully .

      Regarding being attacked , I understand that not all women are able to respond on time and defend themselves usually punch The attacker or or able to destruct says attacker and pull out something out of their bag or purse