Thursday, June 28, 2018


If you have a family , Be grateful if said family is able to provide emotional ,Moral and or financial support and loves you .

If you have a job , Be grateful if you enjoy your job and enjoy working with everybody involved .

If you have an apartment , Be grateful that you have a ceiling over your head , Feel safe and can pay your rent without worrying what happens next month .

If you own a house , Be grateful that you can afford a house and that you are able to financially to keep it up .

If you have a car , Be grateful that you can afford said car with every responsibility that comes with it .

If you have friends , Be grateful that that they are genuine and sincere and care about you even when you cannot buy them an expensive vase or anything equivalent .

If you buy food , Be grateful if you have The financial resources to purchase even basic meals  .

Even if you are on Government assistance , Be thankful if you can buy The food you need on Government Assistance .

If you are financially well off , Be grateful if you can buy whatever your heart desires without worrying where you will get money for even your basic needs .

If you go to McDonald's or other fast food places and you eat said food because you are allergic to most foods except fast food products ( Some people cannot eat regular chicken or other food groups due to ingredients ) , Be grateful that you can afford to go at least twice a month or more .

If you can only buy food at certain places like WholeFoods or other food stores that are actually expensive but they have The food you can eat due to allergies , Please be grateful that you can afford it because many people get sick a lot because  they cannot afford to pay for the food they desperately need and thanks to The current health care system it can be very hard to convince health insurance companies to make an exception for said food purchases .

If you have a phone , Be grateful that you can afford one .
and if you  have a phone through Government Assistance , Be grateful that The Government provides you with said phone .

If you can afford to have a TV , Be grateful that you can afford it even if you have limited TV access .

If you have internet access , PLEASE be grateful for your internet access because not everybody has access for various reasons even in The U.S .

If you have a good doctor , PLEASE be grateful because having a doctor who knows what they are talking about is rare nowadays !

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