Friday, August 3, 2018


People are talking a lot about bullying again .

Especially on social media I see some people posting " Say no to bullying !" or " Stop The bullying !"

These are indeed good posts , But I think we should extend that subject to actually discussing bullying overall .

First of all have  group discussion that includes clarifying what bullying is .

Because bullying can and will happen anywhere !

whether in a school setting , Living environment or workplace or where you volunteer .

I personally never experienced bullying wherever I volunteer , But seriously ! Bullying can literally happen anywhere !

First off people and children / Adolescents have to learn what bullying is or what it looks like

Seconds , what causes bullying or why bullying happens .

This all maybe makes total sense , But although years go ny and people should know better , Bullying unfortunately keeps happening AND getting worse !

There are two ways to bully

1) Obvious bullying : Being violent towards others

2) Subtle bullying

Examples : In a school setting , A student kick another student , Pushing intentionally to hurt or stealing from another student or  other ways of physically harming a student .or taking something from a student and throwing somewhere .

Subtle bullying : A teacher or another student makes you feel uncomfortable or scared to speak up or not giving a student the opportunity to fix a mistake .

Subtle bullying is as common as obvious bullying but you have to pay close attention to notice !

And in subtle cases it is impossible to speak up especially for The one being bullied because you cannot prove it ! The only person who can speak up is The one paying attention .

It is simply not human nature to pay attention to each individual around you . But if you are paying attention to somebody acting nervous or out of place around somebody else then address the problem  by talking to the one who is feeling uncomfortable or speak to somebody like a Principle and simply share your observation . Or just be supportive by offering support to that individual .

You can seriously teach ANY child or adolescent this strategy !

And The same can be done in a College setting 

In a work environment  or where you volunteer , Goes The same !

Both types of bullying can exist .

Now let's go to The cause of bullying :

There are a few reasons for bullying .

We see this a lot !

In a school setting kids will bully another student simply because of jealousy.

It maybe sounds stupid but that is how life is !

Any student that is bullied by another student is being bullied because that particular student has something that another student or students want or is showing off something that other students want .
or are better at something .

In a work environment ,Although you would expect a certain level of maturity , Unfortunately not always the case . A co-worker can also subtly bully you by making you feel uncomfortable or scaring you from sharing your ideas at a meeting .

More obvious would be to make sure your phone is not working or telling the supervisor that you took their work from them and you need to prove your innocence .

Or The supervisor can also bully you because said supervisor thinks for reasons that only know  they know that you want their job .

Or treating you like you deserve less than you are capable of , That can happen in any setting as well and hard to prove .

Now The main problem is though that bullies RARELY acknowledge  bullying .

meaning you cannot stop bullying if people are not willing to acknowledge their behavior !

Even educating about bullying takes into consideration that people listening are aware of their behavior and or even care .( Just wanted to throw this out there )

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