Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Academics and getting a Master's Degree

I generally have The utmost respect for people who have a Master's because that indicates that they are knowledgeable in their field of study .

I have a few friends or acquaintances who have a Master's degree in something .

I myself plan to get a Master's in Science later in my life ( Hopefully before I turn 100 lol ) .

The academic world has changed though or maybe I should say "Worsened " .

In The past when you had a Master's , You got payed much better due to your degree AND your expertise . Nowadays unfortunately employers pay you more only because you have a Master's .

At least this is happening in Massachusetts . Although interesting enough employers seem to have double standards nowadays .

I know some people who had a Bachelors and worked at a supermarket and earned $8.00 an hour just a few years ago ! I personally know a man who in 2010 fresh out of College with a Bachelors in Physics and he worked at Stop&Shop ! There were no issues with him . He had very good interpersonal skills , Friendly , No mobility issues whatsoever and he worked at said supermarket for a while .

But I do see a lot of double standards around employers . Even if you have a Bachelors or Masters , and just trying to get a job that pays you so you can have food on The table , You will not get employed even at McDonalds because you are over qualified and it will cost The employer MORE money to hire you . Unless The employer is desperate .

Now you even need a Masters just to work as a Lab Technician !

And having a disability also is an issue nowadays even if you have a Masters .

And just generally getting a job , Employers have double standards .

Before 1999 or even 9 years  before that , In some jobs you got trained on The spot !

Nursing Aide , Clerk , Secretary and any kind of Assistant job , If you looked like you were a quick learner then you got trained while at work .

Now The only job where you get trained on The job is in housekeeping or working at CVS or equivalent .

Seriously ! There are so many double standards that is  RIDICULOUS !

In some countries in Europe , You get trained on The job fresh out of graduating High school , Even as an Administrative Assistant or Accountant /Book keeping .

We use to do that In The U.S as well till somebody decided to make education and employment more complicated .

IN Germany , Spain and any other country in Europe , During your first week , You have somebody working with you and showing what to do and after approximately The second week , If you are able to at least do half of what you watched others do then you get to sign an employment letter meaning you are hired . If you do not make it and did not indicate during your training any obstacles and you realize on your own that you are not a good fit then you are respectfully resigned from your position ( If so ton speak ) .

Cannot say anything though about Australia and other continents .

But this is something The U.S used to do and I wish we would continue .

Thank you for reading .


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