Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Donald Trump and his newest talk about born U.S Citizens

I do not have openly nervous breakdowns when I listen to Donald Trump , But I am ALWAYS paying attention to his newest plan ( If so to speak ) .

I grew up around immigrants who came to The U.S when they were already adults / in their early 50's .

My family immigrated in The mid forties so Immigration is close to my heart .

I worry a lot about Mexican's , People from Arabic countries and Turkish people , To keep it short , Everybody who he is attacking and who he has not attacked YET !

This may sound silly , But I even worry about The people who have passed on but would have been attacked by him if they were still alive !

And I thank The higher power that said people are not with us anymore because they would otherwise fear fro their lives !

Donald Trump's latest project ( For a lack of better wording ) is to revoke The U.S Citizenship for all Americans born here to immigrants .

I do not quite understand all The details and I am not sure it will make sense to explain it to me because

I am too scared to think clearly ! I know rationally and by law his new IDEA is not possible due to The Constitution and other , But one of my issues are that he obviously has NO IDEA of The implications of his IDEA !

Besides that  we all were Immigrants at some point when our ancestors immigrated to The U.S including his parents .....

People say that parents who are naturalized or permanent residents do not have to fear either .

But there is something else that they are forgetting !

We have people born in The U.S who at some point in thier lives were kidnapped or something else horrible happened to them and these people cannot identify who they are !

Some people are able to identify themselves after brain damage , Trauma or kidnapping after disappearing for more than 15 years !

But there are cases where people who went through The above mentioned circumstances and cannot tell The FBI or police who they are !

No Social Security , Finger print or anything else identifiable of their identity and worst part nobody claims these people because of loss of hope or moved away or passed on.

Some people are called JANE DOE temporarily and some people are JANE or JON DOE for a life time !

What will Donald Trump do with them ?!

I know that The FBI and other Federal Agencies will protect people , I am concerned about what laws can be enforced under Donald Trump !

As I said , I know that lots of lawyers say that his rhetoric does not do much because there are laws , But I also know that there are people in Congress and even if a small circle of people , They will agree with him .

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